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The Disturbing Issue Of Golden Dawn

As much as I liked Golden Dawn, I will have to remove their links from my blog. The recent detestable decision, exposed here , of Golden Dawn to support "rights" for that foreign , liberal concoct called "neo-paganism" puts them in the category of other false "nationalists" like those under Karatzaferis who support "rights" for homosexuals.

Thus far, not one organized group or political movement in Greece is worthy of the moniker , Nationalist. All are bound, foot and wrist, to the West , in one way or another.

I can only pray that one day, through Divine providence , Greece will be deemed worthy enough to merit a true leader. For that to happen the vast majority of Greeks, most of whom are sexual deviants and/or leftist-brainwashed-buffoons , would have to disappear.

This is a task only GOD and/or a major cataclysm would be able to bring about....Until that day,we will have to live with the realization that our once great nation, is nothing more than a used condom littered beach for deviants from Western countries.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


well said, H.N.

although Greek Nationalism is important, Religion comes first, end of story.

the perfect senario would be if Greece was once again a theocracy like the Eastern Roman Empire...
no sluts, no Western anti-religious crap, and no pagan 12 God worshipping etc.

Yet instead of making the bible the constitution, current Romaioi (Greeks) would rather an American, Jewish style liberal secular consitution and democracy.
Why when we have the bible to make the laws for us, we need secular Jews, American to tell us how to live?
with God on our side, how can we go wrong and lose to any country?

yet Romaioi, many in my opinion are more worried about wanting it to be lyk Ancient Greece and want to worship the 12 Gods, and not only that but are more worried about being lured by Western immoral pleasures and the immoral secular Jews/Yank on how to live a life rather than the bible.

Because of this Greece is being punished.
i disagree with the thing u said about the fires in Greece being started by Turk operatives...

i'd say its more likely to be God trying to get the message across to our country that he is the only God, not the 12 pagan Gods, and that they must obey him rather than the secular Western pleasures.

Fact has it that the bible says that God will punish many people through supernatural power, (eg. natural disasters) and that God will cause them because people will not obey him and not worship him but will worship the lure of temptations and pleasures and worship pagan gods and idols.

obviously in Ancient times nearly everyone believed in the 12 Gods but i'm not sure if it's just me but does it seem that in Greece worshipping the ancient 12 Gods has all of the sudden started to become big and in fashion? or is it just me hearing about it now more and more?

anyway as long as this pagan whorshipping continues, and people living the Western immoral way of life, God will continue to punish Greece and its people and more and disasters will happen... not just in Greece but else where as well.

6:28 AM  
Anonymous Tarambana said...

Disasters of one sort or another have been happening since the dawn of civilization. Where is all these punishment leading to ? Can someone enlighten me out there ?

There were hardly any forest fires worth mentioning before 1980. These forest fires are carried out by professional arsonist, disgruntled social misfits,and socially ill adapted cretins . If the government wanted to catch the culprits they could do it. They prefer to look the other way.

5:58 AM  
Blogger Alkman said...

Οφειλεις σεβασμο στα Πατρωα αν θελεις να αυτοπροσδιοριζεσαι ως "Ελλην".

Μαλλον "Βυζαντινος Απολογητης" παρα "Hellenic Nationalist". Κριμα.

8:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


[quote]Tarambana said...

Disasters of one sort or another have been happening since the dawn of civilization. Where is all these punishment leading to ? Can someone enlighten me out there ?

There were hardly any forest fires worth mentioning before 1980. These forest fires are carried out by professional arsonist, disgruntled social misfits,and socially ill adapted cretins . If the government wanted to catch the culprits they could do it. They prefer to look the other way.[/quote]

Im not saying all forest fires are created by God, lol.

Most are created by people.
The fact is God said in the bible that towards the end of time which is nearing that that the amount of disasters will start increase dramatically. And it will be his way of punishment. It will be in hope that some people repent and turn to him and Christ.
Some will.
Others though will begin to curse at God that these disasters happening.

my point is ''i wouldn't be suprised'' if these fires are started by God because God will eventually soon start to dramatically punish nations which include current day fornificating Greece for their worship of Pagans, idols, for fornification etc.

10:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I talked to a pagan in Greece once, and he told me, "You know, when I look around and see the orthodox priests feeding and protecting the pakistans and others, thats a big part of why I became a pagan"

The move in greece for a growing minority of nationalist embracing paganism, is directly linked to the orthodox church turning its back on the hellenic race.

If Greeks clean up their own back yard with orthodoxy, and rid it of the destructive aspects it currently has, then NONE OF YOU WOULD HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT PAGANS! ORTHODOXY WOULD RISE AGAIN AND BE STRONGER THAN EVER!

But only if we "Clean up our own back yard first"

7:06 AM  
Blogger iranianforaryans said...

HN, check out my latest entry about Boymelgreen. I got it from Hoffman's site.

1:58 PM  
Blogger Hellenic Nationalist said...

Thanks for the heads up, I for A. I commentd under that entry on your blog.

2:52 PM  
Anonymous MDumanovic said...

Oh wow, that one took me by surprise!

10:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


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Anonymous Metaxas said...

Greetings from the Metaxas Project!!

I think that you should read Nikolaos Michaloliakos' book "Gia mia megali ellada se mia eleftheri evropi" to grasp XA's real ideas on religion. XA's ideal is a Hellenic Christianity which would be similar to the Nazis' German Christianity, which is my point of view too. Purify Christianity and turn it into 100% Hellenic, a religion by Greeks alone for Greeks alone, something Christianity is not - that's why 55% of the world population is Christian.

You can also read this from Wikipedia:

"The party underwent ideological changes so as to reach into the mainstream,[4] accepting Orthodox Christianity. As leader Michaloliakos put it: "It is a historical truth and a certain fact that (for better or worse) after the imposition of the christian religion in Greece, the dynamic interaction of Christianity and Hellenism (which for long functioned against the latter) led to the formation of Greek Orthodoxy"[5]

Greek Orthodox Christianity is the Christian branch where paganism remained stronger, yet it has a clear Jewish moral component which is alien to the racial soul of Greeks.

Pagans are not only leftist hasch-smoking hippies as some seem to portray them, but there is a strong and growing National Socialist pagan movement worth taking into account.

4:47 PM  
Blogger Hellenic Nationalist said...

I just deleted the blasphemous post from "My grandaddy punched the Russian archbishop Tihon who wanted to take over our Brooklyn church."

Over the years some othr variation to that comment has been posted by that anonymous moron. If he posts here again , i will delete again, and again and again and again. If only I could ban neo-pagan morons,

Somehow the neo-pagans came out of th woodworks after I publicly deleted their posts a while ago. As pathetic as their comments are, they are blashemous and blaspheny will ALWAYS be deleted.

11:04 PM  
Blogger Hellenic Nationalist said...

Dear Metaxas Project,

As much as I respect your work in publishing an extensive website on Metaxas. I am in shock, that you, an adamant admirer of Metaxas would come to the defense of neo-pagans. Considering the fact that our most glorious epoch was under Orthodox Christian canon law and military council and lasted for a thousand years, relative to our dismembered homosexual and deviant distant past, that Westerners fixate on was relatively shorter much uglier and much more decadent.

Metaxas's vision was entirely based on building a continuity with our Byzantine epoch, under Orthodox Christian Canon law.

As for the book you reference, I actually purchased it from Logxi in Athens years ago, and thus was indeed shocked that Golden Dawn recently took such a turn for the worse by deviating so from Metaxas's vision and going down the path for the absurd neo-pagan movement. Not a religion. Religion denotes belief. Do you really believe that German "Nationalists" believe that Thor rules the sky and that there is a Valhalla in the next world.

Do those Greeks following neo-paganism really belive that Poseidon rules the sea and that half man half horses live in the forests? The truth is these guys are atheists, they are just like the communists and the anarchists and western liberals.

As for German Nazis, their ruler, without whom they would likely never have even gotten known ,much less gained any power, consistently referenced God (singular)not God(s) plural in almost every single speech he ever made both before and after gaining power. The original Nazi Party platform called for "positive Christianity" , and furthermore during the Second World War, according to an official site, he granted special protection to Orthodox Christianity's most holy bastion , see:

When the Germans occupied Greece during the Second World War, the Epistassia, the four-member executive committee appointed annually by the Holy Community, asked Hitler to place Mount Athos under his personal protection, and he agreed. So the German and Bulgarian conquerors did not interfere with Mount Athos. After the Germans had withdrawn, Athos was briefly under the sway of the partisans, before the Greek authorities took over.

11:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Hellenic Nationalist,

I am a daily reader of your blog which to me does a great function regarding modern Greek nationalism. I thank you for the superb work you are doing. Now, to argue ;-):

This pagan/neo-pagan thing is a controvesial issue in most Nationalist movements, from Vlaams Blok to Nationaldemokraterna or Hrysi Avgi.

I haven't come to defend pagans - they can defend by themselves very well. My point was to signal that not all pagans are homosexuals, John Lennon-alike hippies.

I have to disagree that Metaxas was 100% Christian Orthodox, for Him Nation was above everything, also above Religion, and he had critics from the clergy because specially and specifically the EON was labelled as a "new religion" where physical strength and the State-bound (and nor Religion-bound) warrior ethos prevailed.

Metaxas disregarded religion as a secondary issue to Greece - Vatikiotis points out that Metaxas only rarely did refer to religion. God was relegated to a secondary role. In that, Metaxas followed the line of thought of which some theoriticians of the Right such as Pericles Yannopoulos and Demosthenes Daniilidis were champions. These theoriticians felt there was a conflict between the Levantine spirit of Orthodox Christianity and the Greek tradition. Both were enamoured of the idea of Nation and expressed their caustic thoughts when it came to the Church.

Meanwhile Nikoloudis organized the Athenea festival which was mostly pagan-inspired, and in which prayers to the goddess Athenea were held. Nikoloudis wanted "the supreme ancient ideals of Hellas to prevail" (quote) over Christianity.

In any case paganism is not a Western import in my eyes. It is a fact that the majority of traditions in Greece are pagan or religious in origin.

Finally, pagans do not believe Zeus or Aris to exist as gods; they are archetypes of the Greek people (see Jung's essay on Wotanism).

I am no Christian, nor pagan. For me, like my admired Metaxas, religion is secondary. nation comes first. YPER PANTON ELLAS!

2:20 PM  
Blogger Hellenian said...

True Hellenic nationalists place Orthodoxy before all else because they realize that this world is temporal and that, without God, nothing is possible -- including the advancement of the nation.

The notion that religion is secondary -- or even unimportant -- is a foreign belief based on the backwards principles of the so-called "Enlightenment". Unfortunately, some Hellenic nationalists -- in the same vein as those Hellenes who have adopted Socialism, Communism, Liberalism, and other foreign imports -- have found it fit to imitate Westerners by adopting their alien philosophies into their ideologies. Why a nationalist would adopt the ways of a clearly backwards civilization is baffling but, unfortunately, it is a trend found throughout the spectrum of contemporary nationalist ideology: from democratic nationalists of the Right to National Socialists.

In every great epoch of Hellenic history, religion has always had a preeminent position. Only now, in this dark age, has religion been relegated -- and the consequences of this folly have been very clear. Genuine Hellenic nationalism (as opposed to the impure, Western-innovated variant) is nothing like Western nationalism and can be summed up by the following slogan: "The state above all; only God above the state". (It bears mentioning that this ideal was championed during the 4th of August era in the publications of persons such as Aristos Kambanis, the editor of Neon Kratos, and Theologos Nikoloudis, the Minister of Press in the 4th of August government.)

Regarding the status of Orthodoxy in the 4th of August, there can be no doubt that it was championed as one of the core ideals of the government. For instance, in a speech to parents and teachers on 19 October 1939, Metaxas said: [...] the major forces of the society other than the Nation are the Polity or the State and the Church. In the West there is a total separation between Church and State, and the Church is denied a role in education. Here in Greece, Church and Nation constitute one whole. The Greek Nation and the Greek church share the same history since the rise of Christianity. Thus the State in Greece never dared seek anti-religious aims: even the parliament of 1927, when and where there was such an inclination, did not dare undermine the special position of the Orthodox Church. So that one of the conditions that gave rise to the 4th August Regime was the period of irreligion preceding it. But now Family, Nation and Church are the new pillars of the Greek society, nation and the state. State and Church work each in its own way towards the same national goals". In another speech on 8 November 1936 Metaxas declared that the Orthodox Church was "never separated from the Nation". Historian P.J. Vatikiotis describes the 4th of August in the following terms: "A combination of fascist-inspired national socialism and religious fanaticism served as the basis of the Metaxas regime and the background to his 'August 4th' New Era". The same historian admits that Metaxas "passed through an agnostic -- even atheist -- phase" during his youth but "tortured by doubts however he became a believer [...]". Indeed, Metaxas' journal indicates that he was a pious man. In it he writes, "My refuge is God". Metaxas would also frequently appeal to God, especially in times of crisis.

In addition, the youth organization of the 4th of August, EON, was characterized as a "Christian organization" by Metaxas in his address to it during the organization's congress on 5 January 1939. He also fixed its ideals as constituting "King, Fatherland, Religion, Regeneration of Greece". Although it's true that Metaxas placed the nation slightly above the level of religion (which was probably the regime's greatest flaw), it is offensive for Neo-Pagan sympathizers to lump Metaxas with blasphemous traitors such as Yannopoulos and Daniilides.

3:06 PM  

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