Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Message From A Hellenic Nationalist Comrade On Greek Official: "Trade is the best way to destroy nationalism"

The following analysis was sent from a Hellenic Nationalist comrade, it reiterates the points I previously made about the ultimate goals of the Greek political establishment and moreover, of the Greek capitalist caste, in regards to Hellenic nationalism and the establishment's "Greek-Turkish Friendship" propaganda and state policy.

Evripidis Stylianidis, the Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs, stated the following in an interview with P.M. Communications: "I believe that trade is the best way to destroy nationalism and fundamentalism. It may not solve all the problems by itself, but it will definitely become a strong weapon to this end".

Naturally, by "fundamentalism" Stylianidis means to say "devotion to Orthodox Christianity". And, indeed, nationalism and Orthodoxy are the two greatest threats to the Xenokratia -- which is why the Western puppet rulers of Greece have been trying to destroy them for the last 30+ years. The fact that Stylianidis cites "trade" as the "best way" to destroy our culture and religion is important in that it gives further evidence to what we've known all along: that
businessmen and Capitalism are diametrically opposed to nationalism, religion, and other traditional ways of life as such things get in the way of profit.

Those interested in reading the interview in its entirety, may do so by following this link:
http://www.pmcomm.com/greece2006/interview06.htm It's also worth noting that the Turkish Daily News wrote an article praising Stylianidis, entitled "Stylianidis, a promoter of business, democracy, cooperation and human rights" (link: http://www.turkishdailynews.com.tr/article.php?enewsid=53192).
Considering the man is a Turkophile traitor whose explicit goal is to destroy Hellenic nationalism, why shouldn't the Turks love him? He's one of their own.


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