Monday, May 29, 2006

Portrait Of A Scumbag: Greek Capitalist Vasilis Theoharakis

Vasilis Theoharakis (pictured above) is one of the major driving forces behind the Greek appeasement of Turkish violations and other outrages. This financier ,importer and distributor has his eyes on the loot which he can stash into his deep pockets with his favorable pro-Turkish trade relations that ultimately fatten his bank accounts and bankrupt indigenous Greek industries with all the products he can import from Turkey, just take a look at some quotes from the Turkish Daily News on his murky reasoning behind his theory that Greece and Turkey are "sisters":

Theoharakis probes major issues between Greece and Turkey: "We have many differences. We have Cyprus, the Aegean and the questionable oil in the Aegean. Then we have history poking its nose into our affairs. We believe Byzantines lived here once upon a time, and as Greeks, we believe Byzantium is Greek. This is not completely true but more or less this is so. Consequently, this past is an obstacle to the further improvement of the relationships between the two peoples. We are both descendants of Indo-Germans, why then we cannot live together peacefully?"

Huh? Turkish is certainly not an Indo-European or Indo-German language. Even by using racialist arguments his claims would be absurd, considering the huge proportion of Paki-looking Turks.

This is exactly who the appeasement policy of the Greek government is designed to help , a few scumbag Greek capitalists.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Descended from Indo Germans ? The Mongol Turks are now going to be viewed as super Aryans by this bastard of a cosmopolitan dog of an entrepreneur. His knowledge of history is comparable to that of two year old child, and his instincts about racial awareness ape the intelectual level of a mandril. With sludge like this entrepreneur no wonder Greece finds itself where it is now, in the bottom of the barrel.
A textile factory, which opened in 1967, and run successfully until 1999, was shut down six months ago,with lay offs and retrenchement on account of the barbaric imports from China and India and the east.
This serpent of entrepreneur is most probalby a Turkosporo, and there is definitely not a shortage of them amongst Greeks. These vermin have to be purged from the Greek social , commercial and political scenario if we are ever going to hope for reawakening of our spiritual values.
Maybe , if he has any daughters, he can give them as brides to some Indo German Turk grooms.
I hope he chokes on his brother and sister relationship with the Turks and wakes up one morning dead on his own blood- like his brother Atila.

5:25 AM  
Anonymous oskar said...

Theorakis is living in an ivory tower. In his view Greeks are living well, and no one is starving. Well, of course , from his moat ringed palace in the north of Athens with incredible views of the Parnita range, everything is as clear as the blue skies of Greece. He is grossly mistaken.
I for one will never touch any Beko product, and will ensure that friends of mine do not engage or patronize products and services from the multifarious companies Theorakis administers.
He is filthy wealthy, so much so that his brain is becoming scrambled in not knowing what to do with the money.
Theorakis , come out of your Palace , and start touring Greece and wake up to reality and contribute to the betterment of Greece and Greeks, lavish your fortune to uplift the standards of the average Greek, rather than opening painting exhibitions in Turkoland and lucubrating inanities about "sister nations". why the two nations can not live side by side.

Theorakis is a crook and a twister, he sells his turkish imports without announcing the origin of the product, because he knows well that fellow Greeks will not spend their hard earned money on it,he just sells the name. A dishonest and perfidious trait of liars and cheats.

5:46 AM  

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