Friday, May 26, 2006

Will The West Start Arresting Serbs For "Holocaust" Denial?

Diana Johnstone, believes that the French Gayssot Law that prohibits negation of genocide claimed in a tribunal "could make it a crime to challenge the International Tribunal on Former Yugoslavia, set up by NATO powers to control and manipulate political conflict in the Balkans"....Very interesting interview.


Anonymous Ariadne said...

All these are really nice, but I have something to show you. Unfortunately I couldn't find a way to communicate with you.
I was watching the links U have from other pages, and i clicked the Serbianna page. At the right side of the Headlines, there is a ''News Across The Web'' bar.

One of the news web headlines, had a title: ''Travels in Three Forgotten Macedonian Villages!''

And...this is the page it shows!

''By Misho Netkov and Anna Netkovska*

In this intriguing and evocative reportage, readers are treated to a rare glimpse into the lonely life of some of Macedonia’s most forgotten villages. Talking with the few remaining old people of three Macedonian villages in the Skopje, Kicevo and Gevgelija areas, the authors paint a picture of the hardships and realities of life through their eyes. ''

Not only that, but at the end of the article...shows advertisments with coins of Alexander and Philip...Kings of Macedonia, and...Macedonian books!!!! Their Macedonia from E-Bay!!



12004: Macedonian Kingdom. Alexander III. 336-323 B.C

....What the hell;;..Think twice about the links...And thanks Serbianna on my behalf too for giving space to the assholes to tell their stories!...They are making the best propaganda ever and we are...malakes!

Filika panta kai me ektimisi...

1:26 PM  
Anonymous Ariadne said...

I forgot...If you have a way of contact and communication like an e-mail or something else, let me know...It will be better if we have the chance to send you anything we can find.

1:31 PM  
Blogger Hellenic Nationalist said...


Thanks for showing me the Slvic "Macedonia" propaganda, I removed thenm from the blog links based on this info.

If you need to give me info, then feel free to just post it in the comments section. If i dispaly my email, i will not have tim e to answer in a polite fashion.

Thanks again

2:53 AM  
Anonymous Ariadne said...

As you wish sinellhna... :-)

I'll do what ever I can to help...

2:50 PM  

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