Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Greece to give four frigates to Pakistan

Islamabad, May 16 (IANS) Greece will provide four frigates to the Pakistan Navy, two of which will be delivered this year, Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz has said.(LINK)

Interesting that Greece can afford the luxury of giving ships away. It's amazing the level cooperation between Greece and Pakistan. The Pakistani Embassy in Athens is busier than even the US Embassy, what with all the thousands of Pakis who now live in Greece, hovering around the door.

Who's making all the money , behind closed doors, under the table?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's a disgusting site to see these Pakistanies in Athens, every year there are more of these sewers rats in the streets, in the metro and in the trains. Why do they come to Greece ? because the corrupt government rodents allow them to. When you see the scabious mangy Alavanos photo posing with them and vomiting inanities for "Paki" rights and minority trash and the media giving him all the time he deserves in his drive to pollute Greece with these vermin , one can only despair.
Pakistan and Greece, unlikly bed fellows, what could the quid pro quo be between a white orthodox nation and a brown turd muslim nation ? Greece exports olives, oil and gives away frigates ( Pakistan is a nuclear nation) to the Pakis and in return import their detritus and sludge from the East.

1:33 AM  
Anonymous Angelos said...

The heroin and hashis imported into Europe ( and into Greece too) is what Pakistanies are all about in Greece. From the golden triangle via Pakistan, Iran and Turkey. Thanks to the noxious weed imported by "these sewer rats" Greek youth is being put to the "sword"; as it is European youth too.

5:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The president of pakistan is musharaf not only is he a terrorist but he said in an interview that when turkey invaded cyprus he was contemplating whether or not he would joing the turkish army. Good job treacherous greeks. Arm your enemies.

9:15 AM  
Blogger Hellenian said...

While I'm no authority on hashish (though I am aware of the traditional widespread use of it; after all, use was so widespread in Greece that the United States selected the country, along with Jamaica and Costa Rica, in order to conduct studies several decades ago on cannabis' effects on long-term users) I am well acquainted with opiates and can say with certainty that opium cultivated and heroin manufactured in the Golden Triangle (i.e. southeast Asia) does *not* make its way into Greece for local consumption in any sizable proportion -- through Pakistan or any other country for that matter.

In truth, heroin from the Golden Triangle is mostly exported to East Asian nations and to the United States. Although a tiny portion (not more than 5-10%) of all the heroin in Europe comes from the Golden Triangle, the far majority of European heroin comes from Afghanistan. Unlike the white, powder heroin (which is best for intranasal and intravenous administration) that is produced in southeast Asia, Greece and Europe receive the slightly cruder brown heroin (which is best for smoking and can only be injected when prepared with acid due to the fact that it is still in its base form) that originates principally from Afghanistan. (However, though cruder than white heroin, brown heroin is still far more refined than black tar heroin which, thankfully, is only produced in Mexico and is not exported overseas.) Thus, the heroin from Greece does not originate from the Golden Triangle but from Afghanistan.

However, heroin from Afghanistan is indeed illictly exported to Pakistan and Iran (the latter actually has the highest percentage of heroin users in the world) which, in turn, makes its way to Turkey and, through Turkey, into the Balkans. From the Balkans, brown heroin is exported to various parts of Europe through several major routes. That said, I fail to see the significance of the countries that Afghani heroin passes through since Greece *itself* is a gateway for heroin transportation into Europe.

Also, although I would agree that cannabis generally has a negative effect on society (owing to the fact that it is a semi-psychedelic and, thus, a mind-altering substance) and should remain criminalized for this reason, I believe that branding it a "noxious weed" overexaggerates the harmful effects it produces in relation to the more significant domestic problems facing Greece. As for heroin, since it is not a mind-altering substance (but rather a mood-altering substance) and people can be productive members of society while under its influence, I support its legalization -- for males, anyway. (Since the role of women should be to conceive and birth children, I believe it extremely hazardous for them to have access to psychoactive substances of *any* kind, especially given their irresponsible nature, and so laws should be passed to reflect this; however, I suppose exceptions could be made for women unable to conceive.)

I realize many would consider the criminalization of cannabis and the legalization of opiates (including heroin) to be insane but, if the quality and availability of opiates was regulated by the government, the issue of resorting to criminal activity to feed an expensive habit and the issue of overdose (which is quite high in Greece at the moment) would both be virtually (if not totally) non-existent. After all, when opium tea was still widely drunk in Greece (the record shows that, well into the 20th century, Greek immigrants to the United States still commonly consumed it) there were never any epidemics that led to the decay of Greek society. However, since Greece criminalized opiates in order to follow the largely illogical and counter-productive drug policies of the West, deaths associated with opiate derivatives and crime to procure them have skyrocketed. Indeed, drug-related deaths are typically highest in countries with strict drug laws and Greece, with its "no tolerance" drug policy, comes in second place regarding European drug-related deaths last time I checked.

However, despite my views, I fully acknowledge that attempting to legalize opium under an egalitarian and Leftist dominated regime (like the one today) would only end in disaster so I oppose such measures. Only under a nationalistic and Orthodox Christian government could such radical policies be successfully implemented.

Regarding Pakistanis, their threat to Greek society does not lie in real or imagined responsibility for the use of drugs among Greek youths. Rather, the threat of their presence in Greece lies in the fact that they -- along with other colored, heterodox (i.e. non-Orthodox) illegal immigrants -- cannot be assimilated and that, even if they could be, we wouldn't want them to assimilate. That these illegal immigrants are being actively championed by the Left in order to secure a multi-ethnic, multi-racial, multi-cultural, and multi-religious Greece -- as opposed to a Greece for Orthodox Greeks -- makes this threat all the more pressing. The only solution lies in expelling these unwanted and unwelcome peoples back to their own countries. Unfortunately, as long as foreign puppets govern the country and traitors retain the right to subvert Greece, this will never happen.

12:56 PM  
Anonymous Hermes said...

It is a little undfair to blame the Pakistanis, Nigerians and Kurds for flooding the sacred land of Hellas and inadvertedly helping to destroy the indigenous Hellenes (I will not mention the Albanians because they are an exception). They are doing what most people from impoverished localities would do after they have images beamed at them of the great riches to be had in Europe.

The blame should go to the people who created the ideas, and to the people who implemented these ideas, that allowed this situation to develop. I am not too sure I can pinpoint who created these ideas but I know at least that it got started during the Enlightenment. Not that the Enlightenment was bad. It had many good features. But some of its core ideas eventually led to the idea of neo-liberalism and universalism. The twin evils bedevilling the good European today. Not surprisingly (like every other original idea in this world) it stemmed from the European mind (please note I do not include Semitic people as Europeans). Unfortunately, and this is the key, those Europeans who promoted these ideas did not have the counterbalancing Hellenic paideia to soften the extreme one dimensional application of these ideas. Hence, these Europeans applied these ideas without thinking of the potentially harmful effects. They lacked balance.

The modern day implementors of these days cannot be abrogated of their responsibilities because it is their responsiblity to recognise the harmful effects of these ideas and attempt to rectify them.

So, the first to be arrested and tried should be Greek politicians and bureaucrats and European and Americans bureaucrats stationed in Hellas. The cost of deporting all the Pakistanis and the like should be borne by the liquidation of the alreadt frozen assets of the jailed or executed political/bureacratic elite that betrayed the spirit of Hellenism. However, those assets should be sold at a discount to market value to Hellenes that have been most impacted by neo-liberalism and universalism. Considering there are over one million non-Hellenes in Hellas then it may take up to one year to remove all immigrants from the Homer's shores. I do not mind as I believe we should remain humane.

Finally, once this process is completed then all abortions should be banned for a period of fifty years to replenish the population back up to 30-40 million. At the same time the best Hellenic minds should be drawing up a 500-year Neo Megali Idea which as one of its main objectives should be the settlement of the traditional lands of the Hellene stretching from Pontus in one great big arc around to Cyprus.

4:58 AM  
Blogger Hellenian said...

Abortions should not be banned for a period of fifty years. Instead, abortions should be completely banned *forever*. There is nothing more barbaric or criminal than the abomination of abortion. It has no place in Greece. It has no place in the world, for that matter.

10:20 AM  
Anonymous eliseo said...

30-40 million people in Greece ?

Impossible. It was only yesterday when the belief was that 10m was a heavy load carry for Greece.

The dystopic effects of a rein free market economy is all too visible to ignore. Growth is no longer organic but imported.

I have a problem with 30-40m Greeks in the present territorial confines. Of course the picture would be different with the restitution of the former Greek provinces in Mikri Asia.

10:52 AM  
Anonymous Pelops said...

Hermes is quite right. What is urgently pressing is the sweeping off the board of the political looters and bandoliers running Greek government.

These people were responsible for opening the floodgates to the invasion. A Nuremberg style trial ( no appeals, no recourse to legitimate defence, certain conviction) is what these lechers deserve. No one of the basement politicos bothered to ask the Greeks if the despoliation of their land, the ruination of their suburbs, the overcrowding of their towns by filthy thirld world petty thieves, criminals, drug dealers and a hodge podge of subhumans, was what they wanted.

Greece was Greek only yesterday, what is it today and what is it likely to become tomorrow ?
From Turkey the caravan of golly wogs debouches its cargo on a daily basis on the islands of the Aegean. These islands have literally been turned into dustbins of Asia and Africa. What is irksome is that the coast patrol is for ever launching rescue operations of the shipwrecked invaders, and the public then learns and reads in the local papers about how the "migrants" ( the enemy invader ) was heroically rescued and housed in luxury receptions centers. Who is defraying the costs for these rescue operation of enemy invader ? The political honchos ? The political parties ?
The poor tax payer coughs up. And what is its return on investment ? Zero sum,physical dispossesion and gradual erosion of national awareness. A perfect investment in national suicide.
Our leaders turn a blind eye and supinely take the load lying down.They are turning the Greek national state into a closed corporation,or a business operation, where the Greeks are simply treated as employees and staff members and disregarded with the wave of a hand.
Democracy was born in Greece and also died in Greece. Today what masquerades for Democracy is nothing else but oppression by select class of raceless, nationless individuals. In the democracy of yore, only those who have a close and intimate relationship to the country they live in had the right to vote. Only those who have something to lose if things go wrong were allowed to vote. Only those who are connected to the nation by blood were allowed to vote. Only the noble,good and enlightened sons of our nation were allowed to vote in our democracy. Today in the travesty called democracy any buffoon, regardless who he is, as long as he is 18 years old can have the vote and play with the nations destiny. Today anybody can vote regardless of their loyalties, origin, lawfulness, intellectual capacity, health and general demeanour, muslims, non greeks , even morally bankrupt drug dealers, serial rapists, incurable pedophiles,vile sadists,disgusting homosexuals, ( a primate imported from the ghettoes of the Bronx or Harlem, with the sole skill of slamdunking a basket ball, fornicating indiscriminately, spreading aids, and burgling in his spare time is given Greek nationality after two years of residence and be called a new greek and a right to vote, whilst an 80 year old Greek, refugee from the 1920 catastrophe is deprived of his greekeness because she had been living too long abroad and has failed to renew her papers to conform with SHENGEN legislation) and all other degenerates are elegible to vote as long as they are 18 years old. It is an aberrant ochlocracy that is called democracy.

A breath of fresh clean air is the order of the day. A cathartic Tsunami.

11:37 AM  
Anonymous bubis said...

If abortions should be banned all over the world, how does Hellenian propose to curb thirld world population growth ?

By taking all their surplus, which keeps on escalating exponentially, into the territories of Europe ?

This is not a pro abortion view or anti, it is just a question.

11:44 AM  
Anonymous mongrieff said...

Agreed with Hellenion, ban abortions around the world, and apply strict sterilization programs ,instead, to the breeding grounds of the overpopulated continents.

We must not try to apply our standards for the rest of humanity, neither should we judge others according to our own standards.

The East looks down on us, and sees our national homelands as fertile grounds for expansion and colonization. They are coming to take what they want, and academic interchanges about abortion or non abortion is simply a "pasatempo" subject for after dinner chats in the dinner tables of Delhi, Lagos,Shangai,Djakarta.

We Westerners can do all the heart wrenching and tearing of clothes on the pro or against abortion issues. It does not affect the thirld world, and it will not deviate them from their agenda of wiping us out if not through science and technology than by breeding us out.

If we had a nationalist elite class, racially aware and conscious of Hellenism ,abortions would not be necessary for unwanted children. Those who had the intention to abort, would go ahead and have their offspring and entrust it to the Nationalist state, and the State would then take good care of the child. But with the Maggots at the helm of the ship, such reality can not take place

12:05 PM  
Anonymous Hermes said...

Children born out of wedlock should be given to the State. From there they are educated within a wholly and exclusively Hellenic framework by the best teachers in the land. From there they are given jobs in the Foreign Ministry and diplomatic service where their role would be to maintain Hellenism in the Diaspora, propagate Hellenic interests and culture generally throughout the world. By having no family to speak of they can spend years on overseas service representing Hellas. The most intelligent 'state orhpans' should be given work in the Greek secret service and be made to learn perfect Turkish, Bulgarian and Albanian (not sure if this language is teachable). Eventually, they will go undercover and work from the inside to destroy our enemies by supporting any destructive movement such as Kurdish separatists, Leftists and dissident scientists within their borders. They should even support homosexual groups within Turkey. Anything to weaken the fabric of Turkish society in preparation for the final 100 years of the 500 year Neo Megali Idea where Greek forces will retake territory up to the former borders of Byzantium at the end of Alexios Komnenos's reign.

5:24 AM  
Blogger Hellenian said...

I don't believe there is a need to curb third world population growth in the first place. I'm not even sure why one should be threatened by high birth rates in third world countries -- which, if anything, is praiseworthy and something we should emulate.

Murdering the world's children is neither a solution to poverty, to illegal immigration, so-called "overpopulation" (which is in reality a myth propagated by ultra-Liberal, pro-abortion groups such as the United Nations to advance their ideological agendas), or any problem for that matter.

In truth, the technology, money, and natural resources exist to completely eliminate poverty. Only the will to do so does not. Imperialistic and Capitalistic powers are threatened by the possibility of third world nations becoming prosperous and powerful and so do everything in their power to keep them that way indefinitely. Then they give them some token donations or humanitarian aid (which is oftentimes everything *but* humanitarian) so as to seem the "benevolent philanthropists" when nothing could be further from the truth.

As for Greeks supporting destructive movements such as Leftists and homosexuals (!) in enemy nations, these are *Jewish* tactics, not Hellenic ones. The Eastern Roman Empire was famous for undermining enemies without resorting to the aforementioned Jewish strategies (which is why "byzantine" is defined as "of, relating to, or characterized by intrigue; scheming or devious" in the English language). Furthermore, using such strategies is ultimately self-destructive. Just look at the Jews. They've been using such policies for so long that their own communities are falling apart to degeneration. An entry in this very weblog a couple of days ago illustrates this point: http://hellenicnationalist.blogspot.com/2006/05/nihilism-amongst-jewish-occupation.html

10:53 AM  
Anonymous norman said...

Hellenion points are very valid and something to ponder about, but it still does not answer a direct question of how overpopulation , which means thirld world explosion spilling over into the white nations in search of space, is going to be curbed, stopped, neutralized or controlled.

Territorial space is finite, and a space of land can only accomodate an optimum number of persons within its demarcation, when that optimum number is exceeded social entropism ensues and all other ill effects multiply as a result of overpopulation. The wealthiest nation in the world which is America has incredible pockets of poverty and a wretchedly poor class that no amount of benevolence and munificence will lift it out of its miserable condition. China has 1.5B people, 70% of the masses live in abject ignorance and poverty and illiteracy. India is another catastrophe , 1.3B, and despite its technological advances and the fact that it is a nuclear potential, 900m, live on bread and water as their daily ration.
To claim that technology ,science and money would eliminate poverty, that assertion begs a question and answer, how?, whose money ?, whose technology ? whose science?
The white men's science and technology is already the bane of humankind. Science, medicine, technology flourished under the European enterprise and intelligence.It should have remained the inviolable property of the European alone. Medicine was transfered to Asia and Africa, in Africa the white men's madicine helped increase the fecundity and propagation of the Africans to 1B, from a mere 200m at the start of the 20th century. The same happened in Asia. Science, technology and money in the wrong places aggravated the situation for everyone.It was like providing bacili a fertile ground to multiply. In Europe there was the bubonic plague, the black death and other epidemic that wiped out millions of Europeans from the face of the earth. Did medicine arrive from Asia or Africa or America to save the Europeans from these diseases ?
No, the European helped himself thanks to its intelligence and industriousness. Nothing arrived from those shores apart from additional diseases and illnesses which again European science and technology had to overcome and find cures and solutions.
Altruism starts at home, look after your own, because others will not do it for you. There is a lot of talk about Aids, it sounds as if these lethal disease is concentrating its attention in Africa and spreading into |Asia, let Asian and African science, witch medicine and doctors find a cure for it. They will not find a cure but they will keep procreating non stop and emigrating to the space of the european.
Overpopulation is not a myth but an ugly reality. The white men will not be able to emulate nor reproduce like those of the thirld world. To reproduce, a people requires space, territory and land. Land locked Europe has exceeded it optimum capacity within the European confines. To increase its population now it is imperative that first it sanitizes its breeding space. With 50m muslims and other uncultured millions of unassimilable aliens the European faces a threat to its physical and cultural survival. Conditions such as this are not conducive to demographic improvement.
Like Hellenion remarks, we should emulate the breeding patterns of the thirld world, but you can not do that if the thirld world does not curb its growth. They will not curb it voluntarily. It will have to be imposed by force.
Nature does not operate on wishful thinking, nature does not give you a second chance.Nature follows its course and woe betide those who defy her.

As far as a the jews are concerned, they are the most successful race to have weathered the visicitudes of time and ages. They have succeded, it is a fact, in creating a state not on virgin territory but on land occupied by people with thousand of years of tenure. They have dispossesed, murdered and driven out millions of their "enemies", with the support and applause of all other nations that have fallen under their spell. They kill and maim and send millions into exile from their own home, not a sound is heard against it. When the jews complain of "crisis, loss of jewishness, and other mental constructs from their wealth of imaginary scenarios, it is done to befuddle and confuse its "enemies".

Hermes is quite accurate in his thesis about implementin the Megali idea, Hellenion is critical of it because it betrays a jewish streak, but it is a successful recipe if one could emulate the survival strategies of a jew, which has served them admirably not only to survive but to dominate their "enemies" since the christianization of Rome. I doubt whether this is possible, given tha fact that how the jew operates it's unique to its psychic make up. Can these traits be learned or are they inherited ? But whatever the case for or against it it has been egregiously successful thorughout the centuries, and it is still going great guns even today.

1:01 PM  
Anonymous Hermes said...

Hellenian, I completely agree with you. Those tactics are despicable. They make me sick even writing them. And you are also right that they are mostly quintessentially Jewish tactics and it is one of the main reasons, that wherever that ridicoulous and comical people go, they are despised.

However, I believe that if Leftists were around during the Byzantine Golden Age then they would also have used that lever. But the big difference between the Jews and the Romaioi Hellenes (Byzantine is a French construct) is that the Jews connduct these tactics in lands of which they are the visitor or parasite. Whilst the Romaioi Hellenes were simply aiming to rightfully defend the Orthodox Christian realm from barbarians where the Hellenic polity had lived since time immemorial.

Another difference is the Jew aims to destroy his host no matter what whilst the Romaioi Hellenes simply wanted to be left in peace to carry on creating high and noble civilisation as they have always done.

So I am not averse to using these tactics today against the Turks as Asia Minor is rightfully ours and maybe we have to stoop to win it back. However, we must be careful not to become corrupted by this tactic.

Norman, I do not agree that the Jew has been THE most successful at survival. I think that the Greek has been more successful. We at least largely remained in our country and retained our language. They left their country and forgot their language until the Zionists ressurected it.

Actually, the Zionist looked to the Hellenic example when they were cooking up their strategy for resurrecting Israel.

Let's not exaggerate the power of the Jew. He may be successful when faced with weak half barbaric people such as the Anglo-Saxon, German and Russian but he struggles against stronger, wiley, intelligent and civilised people such as the Hellene. If we take the Ottoman Empire as a microcosm of the world at one time, the Jew (in social, economic and political terms) was way behind the Hellene and even the Armenian. Basically, head to head they are no match for us and our Armenian cousins.

8:06 PM  
Anonymous norman said...

Hermes, I share your sentiments wholeheartedely. In regards to the Jews, what you say about Greeks and our Armenian cousins may hold true on an individual basis or on a one to one situation; do you think it also holds true when it comes to group or interracial dynamics ?

We, both, are struggling to keep a hold onto whatever small territory we have. We Greeks had the catastrophy of the loss of our Byzantium, and the Armenians were physically erased from their ancestral and historical homelands.
What it should be a natural continuum of Greece bordering Armenia, we have this abomination called Turkey, a moslem barbarian in between the two orthdoxies.

Vis a vis the jew ,I think ,as a group, we are at a disadvantage.
Contemporary Greece is reeling under the ill effects of alien influences. Slowly ,slowly these evil influences are dispossesing us of our ethos and soul, and if we are not really careful even our land and our genes. We don't appear to be able to distinguish these dangers, we seem incapable of distinguishing and naming the offending culprit, and adopt appropriate defensive measures.
In, contrast, the Jews as a racial force have all the levers of power in their hands and all nations under their sway, and the greatest irony is that these nations are blissfully unaware of their plight, and the fact that they are slaving their lives for their jewish masters.

Today the Jews rule the planet in every area of relevance and importance, as a group. They may be despised for their uncompromising supremacy, but their rule appears unsheakable.

1:00 PM  
Anonymous Hermes said...

Norman, you hit it on the head and I left that open awaiting for someone to notice.

Although, one to one, history shows we have been wildly more successful against the Evraioi, they have shown a propensity to use other levers which moral people would not call honourable for reasons that one can only be described as vindictive, resentful and petulant. Whereas I cannot find any instance where the Hellenes used other powers to achieve their aims other than when their objective was rightfully theirs against barbarians e.g. political and economic relationship with Tsarist Russia during the Ottoman period.

Today, I agree with you. We are sliding down a slippery slope to disaster. However, we should be careful not too extrapolate current trends to far into the future as they can reverse. And this reversal can by triggered by us. Bascially, history has not ended despite what that ilithio (idiot) Fukuyama says. One sign of some reversal are some of the articles that are now appearing regularly in the more respectable Greek media critiquing multiculturalism. Five years ago to publish these articles would have been unspeakable. This does not mean that there will be a change in Government policy yet but at least the idea is now being heard. This is a belated start.

As for the Evraioi, they have a massive problem with intermarriages in the US (like the
Greeks) and they are wracked with religious disunity from liberal to very conservative Orthodox strands of Judaism (compare to the Hellenes where there is almost complete unity). In Israel, the Arabic birthrate is skyrocketing and within 50 years they may be the majority. Even within the Jewish population there are massive divisions between Oriental, Sephardim and Askenazim Jews. These are some examples of the internal disunity in their world.

At a global level, I also agree with you. However, lets not forget why the Babylonians, Egyptians, Romans, Byzantines, French, Tsarist Russia, English, Germans, Arabs and just about everyone else has basically exiled them. For reasons that you pointed out. The Evraioi cannot help themselves. And one day, even the American slob, if he ever awakens from his sport and shopping mall induced stupor, will realise what has happened to their beautiful country and then history will repeat itself again. The more they control the closer it comes to their end of control. The Evraioi are their own worst enemy. Once the new progroms begin they will start crying wolf but the people with a memory will remember this is not new. And not everyone else can be wrong.

Basically, there is an internal fault within the character of the Evraio where they cannot accept any responsibility for what befalls them and they inevitably blame others. The consequences can be seen today. If they can ever rectify this fault then their history may change for the better.

When the cycle goes full circle again for the Evraioi, I believe the Hellene will still be there creating and re-creating high civilisation. Just as they have always done.

9:06 PM  
Blogger Hellenian said...

Food production exceeds population growth, non-renewable resources are becoming more plentiful as new sources are found, and much of the world's land surface is empty. In fact, the entire population of the world (yes, the WORLD) could comfortably fit in the state of Texas. Thus, overpopulation is a myth. It was engineered, and remains in use, by the Left to promote abortion and contraception (many forms of contraception are actually forms of abortion, by the way).

That said, Europe (which, by the way, is a social construction) has NOT "exceeded it optimum capacity" or ever will, for that matter. Illegal immigration remains a problem not because "Europeans" (another social construction) will be flooded with foreigners from "over-populated" countries looking for a place to live and "bred out" of existence but rather because the advent of foreigners results in the eventual break down of a society's cohesion. However, given the barbaric nature of Western civilization, I personally welcome the destruction of those societies. In fact, the destruction of Western Europe would likely BENEFIT Greece and all of humanity, for that matter.

8:28 PM  

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