Monday, May 08, 2006

The Issue Of Dress For Our Women

iranianforaryans said...
Good point, HN. I, too, believe in modesty in attire, however, I'm not as prudish as the Islamists, and sundry puritans.
As closer to truth as the Muslims might be to attire, it is abysmal to live under their thumb. Indeed, these pious-types are the breed that outlaw women from singing. Thus, opera is outlawed in their nations. A nation without a beautiful lyric soprano is empty, and ugly.
There must be a happy medium between modesty, and beauty. Perhaps European clothing styles from a century or so ago are the way to go?

I favor the extreme because it allows for a few liberties with dress , such as face covering to slip through the cracks once in a while, the archaic fashions of the 19th Century may cover arms and hair, but still expose the neck and face. Then again, it would get more and more difficult to even be attracted to woman in the first place if the eye was not given its due.

This web page has a few renderings of Greek heroine Bouboulina, and gives you an idea of what women of the 19th Century revealed , compare with today's open air bordello.


Blogger iranianforaryans said...

Hi HN,

I think that Bouboulina's dress is fine, and lovely. Her face shows, the top of her hair, her breasts are a bit out, but not whorishly, and her outfit isn't a tent, but a just a tad tight. It accentuates a woman's physique while not being provocative, and slatternly.

My issue with the Muslim attire is that it is too puritanical, too obsessed with "temptation", and other megalomaniacal terms of piety.

Anyway, open-air bordellos (well put!) should be a no-no, but a yes-yes for Jewish machinations. I do believe in the existence of bordellos so long as they are kept under a roof.

7:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


'''her breasts are a bit out, but not whorishly,'''

lol, its probs just coz she has big boobs, that's why they stick out... ur right but, i don't think its coz she's revealing em.

i think the girl the way she is dressed has the right idea, (even though the different colors are tacky an u wouldnt exactly wear em it down the street, lol)...although i'd probs rather a girl wear pants (fairly Lose ones, not tight slutty ones) or prehaps a dress thats not too big, coz it kinda i.m.o. does look lyk a tent, lol ;)
any, good to see a different sight of a non-muslim girl dressed accordingly, lyk in that Photo, which different to the sight i see of the girl's at TAFE/University that dress lyk poutanes, with their mini- short shorts, and tight tops that show their belly button.

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