Sunday, April 30, 2006

Jewish Occupation Army Attacks Orthodox Christians On Holy Saturday

Palestine News Agency - WAFA are the only few to report on these perpetual, annual, almost daily occurences by those who hate HIM.


Anonymous Hannah Tsapatoris said...

I am a Greek American actress currently working on a solo piece about my Yiayia's life in war torn Greece. Her father was a member of the Nationalist Party and was a Prison Warden during the 30's and 40's in Greece. His name was Christos Papasavas.
I don't know much about the Nationalist party but wish to learn more.
Could someone email me with info or recommended websites? Thank you

Hannah Tsapatoris

7:26 PM  
Blogger EOKA ASSASSIN said...

fucking Jews! death to those evil scum.

7:24 AM  
Blogger Hellenian said...

(Aside from the fact that the comment I am responding to has absolutely nothing to do with the weblog entry it was made under, I will answer it.)

What do you mean by "the Nationalist Party"? There have been many nationalist political parties in 20th century Greece.

Are you trying to indicate that your grandmother's father was somehow connected to the nationalist government of 1936-1941 (i.e. the 4th of August regime)? If so, when Ioannis Metaxas came to power in 1936 to establish a quasi-Fascist dictatorship, all political parties were abolished. (Unlike other Fascist governments, it wasn't a one-party system.)

Anyway, if you're looking for information regarding this period of Greek history, a great website to aid you in your research would be "The Metaxas Project: Inside Fascist Greece (1936-1941)" (link: As for books, I recommend the following:

[1] "Ιωάννης Μεταξάς (Βιογραφία)" ["Ioannis Metaxas (Biography)"] by Κωνσταντίνος Πλεύρης [Konstantinos Plevris].
[2] "Popular Autocracy in Greece, 1936-41: A Political Biography of General Ioannis Metaxas" by P.J. Vatikiotis
[3] "The Metaxas Dictatorship: Aspects of Greece, 1936-40" (edited by Robin Higham and Thanos Veremis).

The website on Metaxas I previously mentioned also includes a list of a number of books on the period of Fascist Greece and Metaxas (link:

If you're looking for information regarding interwar Fascist movements, then I recommend "Προσπάθειαι Αξιαι Τιμης: Τα Φασιστικά Κινήματα στην Ελλάδα του Μεσοπολέμου" ["Worthy Effort: The Fascist Movements in Interwar Greece"] by Π.Ι. Στεριώτης [P.I. Steriotis]. This is likely a book you'll only find in nationalist bookstores so, if you're looking for it, you should check out the publishing house/bookstore that publishes and sells it: (It's listed under the "Books" section.)

5:59 PM  

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