Monday, March 13, 2006

The Death Of Milosevic

The former leader of Yugoslavia ,Slobodan Milosevic died this past Saturday.

Ever since the very beginning of his "trial" by the very people who bombed his own country, it seems that Milosevic was denied medical care , and access to his doctor. Moreover, he was tortured through various means such as the constant use of lights in his cell and forced separation from his family.

The West had everything to lose and a lot to gain by just having Milosevic die, and I agree with a growing censuses amongst many observers that Milosevic was assassinated by the Dutch "Tribunal" self-righteously putting him on "trial". The West wanted to destroy and did destroy a great part of Serbia's morale,military and economic infrastructure. America and The EU are guilty of a grand orchestrated Holocaust against Serbia , the Serbian people and Orthodox Christianity. Evidence that surfaced during Milosevic's testimony in this Dutch Kangaroo court implicated many of the perpetrators of this Holocaust , including former leader of America, Bill Clinton, --further exposing the use of political Islam (America's Frankenstein Monster) to attack Serbia and destroy Orthodox Christianity ., both before and after the grandiose American-led bombing campaign across the width and breadth of Serbia.

Ultimately, thanks to The West, Greece is now almost surrounded ....It's one true friend,Serbia, badly battered and weakened.

While I cannot say that I am a supporter of Milosevic,after all the man was a hold over from Communist rule,supported the Titoist-era lie of a Slavic "Macedonia" and abandoned Serbian Nationalists during the heat of battle in the 1990s. In the end however, when forced to face the degenerates who attacked his people he proved himself a Serb and did not bow before the enemy.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

An injustice was done. I agree there was a genocide commited against Serbs and the western powers did everything they could to destroy Serbia. There isn't a topic today that disgusts me more. We hear everyday that al-queda is an evil organization. Yet Bush and all the other EU clowns are looking to reward the UCK an al-queda ally with independance of Kosovo.

I am afraid fewere people will know the truth as history is being rewritten today to show the Serbs as the bad guys in all these wars.

2:47 AM  
Anonymous Junot said...

The death of a hero. Amongst dwarfs Milosovic rose to heights of heroism. He was a nationalist champion and was the best thing that could have happened to Serbia, unfortunately he lost to the internationalist/globalist/zionist cabal. But he fought to the end. In a way his death is a victory, it denies the jackal hounds and vultures of the multiracial abscess of the International court at the Hague from passing sentence on him. The feminist ogre Carla del Ponte, daughter of Beelzebub, has been swindled out of her prize, by death.It Will serve the witch right, let her now go after other prey, if she can find them.

3:58 AM  

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