Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Prof. Kevin MacDonald: "Being labeled an anti-Semite is a badge of honor"

Professor Kevin MacDonald responds to Jacob Laksin


Anonymous Achilles said...

Kevin MacDonald is one of the fore most White Nationalist scholars of our time. It's no suprise that the Jewish "intellectual scholars" want to silence him and discredit him and simply label him an anti-Semite just because he doesn't agree with Jewish interests for if White Americans and White Europeans knew the truth they would be furious and would put an end to Jewish manipulation of the governments of the U.S. and Europe. The Jews are not simply a religous group, they are an ethnic group and just like the Greeks they advocate for whats in the best interest of their people. The Iraq war was waged because Saddam was a threat to Israel's security and if war is waged against Iran it will be for the same reason. It is a shame that thousands of young American men and women are dieing for Israel's security. The Jews also want America and Europe to be flooded with non-white immigrants to poison our biology and eliminate White pride and racism. No virtuos government would allow this to happen but the Jews are very powerful espescially in the media and in order for politicians to be elected they have to comply with this agenda. George Papandreou is a prime example, in fact his mother is Jewish, he is a puppet of the U.S. and it's multi-cultural and consumerist agenda, he is not a true Hellene and he want's Greece to be a multi-racial slum. But the Jews are not our greatest enemy, it is race traitors like George Papandreou, George Bush, Bill Clinton, Tony Blair and all liberal and Neo-conservative politicians who do not value race, nation and religon but money, power and a pat on their head from their Jewish overlords. I advise all White Nationalists to read all Kevin MacDonalds books and check him out on The Occidental Quarterly. Znto n Ellas!

1:27 AM  
Anonymous jdimi1@optusnet,com.au said...

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