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Turkish State Angry Over Greek Genocide Memorial In Thessaloniki

I think it comical that the Greek State would even address the latest outrage by the Turkish state over the erection of a Greek Genocide memorial statue on Greek soil. It seems that the current Greek status quo has not yet bowed to Turkey over this latest request: “History has been written and cannot be rewritten,” said Evangelos Antonaros, the alternate government spokesman.

Knowing and studying the links to true power over time, I predict that it will only be a moment of time before Turkey's real backers, International Jewry, push for the dismantling of this statue memorial , along with an official apology. And the puppets who rule over our Fatherland will then bow deep and hard.


Anonymous Achilles said...

Isn't it amazing how the Turks are outraged and not the Greeks. But what would you expect from a nation and people who's whole history is based on lies and destruction. The Jewry will request more Holocaust memorials. They use the Holocaust to manipulate and to push their racist Zionist agenda. The selfish bastards refuse to recognize the Greek and Armenian genocides. They need to make their genocide the most important for if others are included it will make their's less significant. No doubt George Papandreou will be the first on his knees begging for forgiveness from his Jewish master's.

3:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is a very salutary development that a monument is being erected.
What is needed is to totally ignore the Mongol's reaction to our national gesture. Who cares what the Turks think. The Turk is intent is rewriting history, we should not allow it.

6:09 AM  
Anonymous Stephanos said...

The half jew Papandreu dances to the tune of the Havanagila. Such a disgusting filthy rodent to head the main opposition party it's a sign of the decadence and putrefaction of Greek democracy.
Another junta should step in, round up these coyotes of the democratic plague, chain them and drop on an island in the Indian Ocean.

6:13 AM  
Anonymous Hermes said...

Turkish protests are outrageous but completely predictable. The long term reaction from the Greek side will be much more interesting. However, although the erection of the statue is completely appropriate let us not forget that the Greek state has been spending millions on renovating and maintaining Attaturk's childhood home in Thessaloniki and erecting statues to the Holocaust for many years.

On the issue of Papandreou, I loudly applaud his nomination of Karahasan. This is a great gesture. And it almost ensures that Papandreou will never be elected Prime Minister; and hopefully, Hellas will soon be rid of this disease that has been brought upon us.

6:31 AM  
Anonymous Achilles said...

Greece's best bet to save it's self from destruction is a bloodless military coup. Pasok and ND are a threat to Greece's national security and the military has every right to over throw an unjust government such as these pseudo-Hellenes.

6:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


well said by the ppl above.

Alkso i think the Greek government is MORE to blame than the actual Turks for not telling the Turks to simply piss of...

8:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a native Macedonian I cannot understand why a nationalist Greek views the slavo serb as brothers. I briefly read yourlinks into serbo greek friendships etc and in all honesty was mortified. A slav is a slav adelfia. They are culturally similar to our northern pseudo maco's and therefore like them, they are an enemy of the Hellene. As for the link where I read thaabout Serbo Hellenic union etc, I say no more but than to quote the fuhrer,
"For as long as a people remain racially pure and are conscious of the treasure of their blood, they can never be overcome by the Jew. Never in this world can the Jew become master of any people except a bastardized people.

That is why the Jew systematically endeavours to lower the racial quality of a people by permanently adulterating the blood of the individuals who make up that people.". Don't be fooled feollow Hellenes.

Elas Ellinon Hristianon

10:08 AM  
Blogger Hellenian said...

More than likely the statue will simply be trashed by Anarchists so the Turks (or Jews) won't need to push for its dismantling since our traitors will have already done the job for them. Should that be the case, you can be sure that the incident will be completely ignored by the media in yet another one of their regular blackouts.

As for the comment attacking Greek-Serbian friendship on the basis that Serbs are Slavs, I'm not even sure if I should bother responding to it. The idea that we should hate all Slavs because we have problems with one Slavic country is absolutely ridiculous. Slavs are not, nor have ever been, a unified group with a single ethno-national consciousness. Slavs are so dissimilar culturally, religiously, and indeed racially that the only thing they genuinely have in common is a linguistic similarity. As for Serbs, of all peoples in the world, they are without a doubt closest to us in terms of culture. Considering that Serbs have always respected Helleno-Orthodox civilization, it is no surprise that such a strong sense of friendship and brotherhood exists between the two people.

6:03 PM  
Anonymous Zotos said...

We might have a bone of contention with Bulgarians, and now some strains with the Skopjeans, but that is not a reference to deny the solidarity and closeness of culture and racial friendlinhess we have with the Serbs. We both espouse Orthodoxy and we both have a bloody and terrible historical baggage from the same unspeakable enemy : The muslim Turk. Both peoples need to work to strenghten this firendship and the closeness of our common fate in the Balkans demands it. We have no territorial claim from each other and neither have we "invaded each others territory with "immigration", like the Albanian typhoon into Greece, As the political map is emerging, in the Balkans, we are at this juncture in history "natural friends". Both nations have a new threat to contend with, in the cultural-racial sense and also in the teritorial grab and conquest from an emerging Albania, and other potential threats from Skopjie-Macedonia. What is happening to Serbian Kosovo,its severance form Serbia, can in a flash be replicated in the Xanthi zone with Turkey next to it. Cyprus need not even to be mentioned.

Greece was a country for Greeks and of Greeks, now with the political and immigrant revolution they are deeclaring Greece to be a country with "minorities". This is a recipe for fragmentation and escision. Create minorities and then proceed to carve up the land to satisfy irredentist claims. Scrambled eggs cannot be unscrambled.

Greece must learn the lessons of Serbia, but with a political class ruled by no-greek mafias serving non-greek interests this tragic fact will hardly be registered.

Grece and Serbia are isolated and alone in the Balkan equation.

We need more statues to remind us of the destruction of Greeks,to keep the revanchist flame and hellenism alive, at the hands of our eternal enemy. There are not enough of them, I hope this one in Salonica can be the precursor of otheres to follow in other Greeek cities.

1:42 AM  
Blogger Dariush said...

"Greece and Serbia are isolated and alone in the Balkan equation."

I don't know if that's true. Surely you can't turn a blind eye to what's been happening in FYROM since early 2001, if not before?

The Reality Macedonia site has done an excellent job of documenting the ongoing rape of that nation at the hands of U.S. proxy Albanians and the globalists/finance capitalists.

Which reminds me of a question I have long meant to ask an audience of Hellenic nationalists. What is the root of the problem with FYROM? Is it merely their use of the word "Macedonia"? I think that many people consider them to be just be Bulgarians with a funny accent. So, if they changed the name of the country to "West Bulgaria" would that solve the problem?

I'm not trying to be funny here. I just see Yugoslavia carved up and destroyed, Serbia and FYROM bleeding to death, the Shqiptar eagle's talons tearing everything apart, Greater Albania becoming a reality -- placing a large gangster state in between Hellas and the rest of the Europe -- and it just seems to me, from an outsider's perspective, that all this animosity directed at FYROM seems to be severely misplaced... even fratricidal.

Help me out here. I confess my ignorance on the historical background of the Macedonia question and am eager to listen to whatever you guys have to say.

1:28 AM  
Blogger Hellenian said...

The problem with Vardarska (i.e. "FYROM") has little to do with the name actually -- in spite of the fact that witless Greek politicians have made it into an issue of semantics and nothing else. It has to do with territorial integrity and history -- and not just ancient history like witless Greek activists have solely focused on. Both the Greek lobby and the Greek political establishment are notorious for their incompetance in matters of Greek national issues. So it's not surprising that outsiders are still, to this day, confused about the issue.

In reality, the issue is about a forged and artificial "Macedonians" identity created by various Communist leaders, such as Stalin and Tito, in the 20th century to further geopolitical ambitions. These ambitions consisted of the acquisition of northern Greek territory (i.e. Macedonia) in order to secure a warm-water port for Tito's Yugoslavia. However, since there was no legitimate basis for such territorial claims, one had to be invented. Thus, a new "Macedonian" ethnicity, language, and history was fashioned for a group of very mixed people (of mostly Slavic origin) that lacked a strong national consciousness and who resided in southern Yugoslavia. They were indoctrinated into believing that they were the descendants of ancient Macedonians, that Greeks had brutally oppressed them (and were continuing to oppress them in Macedonia), and that Greece had stolen lands rightfully belonging to them. The Communists therefore pushed for a "united Macedonia" that would include northern Greece in its borders. Indeed, the Communist Party of Greece officially supported such a state.

Anyway, despite the absurd Communist propaganda that one would assume would have long since been completely dismissed, there are still Vardarskians (i.e. Slav-Macedonians) who still believe in these Communist myths with fanatical conviction. This is especially true in the diaspora (notably in places such as Canada, Australia, and the United States). These misguided individuals are extremely hostile to Greece, assert a plethora of bogus claims (none of which are historically sound), and hold aspirations for "liberating" northern Greece to "re-unite" their mythical Macedonian nation.

Given Vardarska's economic and military inferiority, one might think that they pose no real threat and that Greece has been acting unreasonably. That is not the case, though. While the country currently stands absolutely no chance in expanding into northern Greece, this does not mean that Greek fears are unwarranted. What happened to Kosovo could just as easily happen to northern Greece if Western powers decide they want to break up the country. The fact that the Vardarskian lobby is extremely well-financed and powerful -- having even insinuated itself into "human rights" organizations to make the cause appear mainstream -- is very ominous.

So the Macedonian issue really has little to do with the name and more to do with the appropriation of Greek history and the ensuing potential for the appropriation of Greek territory. In truth, I strongly believe that Greece would have had no objections to a group of Slavs using the terms "Macedonia" and "Macedonians" in reference to themselves had the Communist-spawned propaganda never been accepted (or had been eventually abandoned). But that's not the case.

Finally, if you are seeking further information regarding the creation of this artificial ethnic group and nation and manifestations of its anti-Greek propaganda, I highly recommend you find a copy of "Resurgent Irredentism: Documents on Skopje 'Macedonian' Nationalist Aspirations (1934-1992)", which was published by the Institute for Balkan Studies in 1993. Failing that, the essay "Macedonia, Therefore is Greece" by Dr. Dean C. Lomis (published in the National Herald and the Hellenic News of America) is a good read for background information despite it's hysterical-sounding title. You can find the latter at

3:27 PM  

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