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Golden Dawn's Leader Nikolaos Michaloliakos On Orthodox Christianity

The following excerpt is my rough translation of an interview with Nikolaos Michaloliakos from page 96 of Nikolaos Michaloliakos' testimonial book "Gia mia megali ellada se mia eleftheri evropi" 2nd edition ,2000, published by Askalon Publishers,Solomou 74 ,Athens ,Greece:

Are you Christian Orthodox?

Of course...I believe that Orthodoxy upholds the Nation, I am clear on this issue...Furthermore,I want to say that there is so much racism to be found in the Old Testament (and we are speaking of Holy Scripture) , that it becomes unfair to regard us as racist...

Do you believe that Christianity destroyed Greece?

This is a very unjust characterization....


Anonymous pizcaluzzi said...

Very good answers.

The time must come when the acknowledgement and irrevocable acceptance of Racism, Racist policies and Racist politics, as the singular vehicle for rescuing the various genetic life forms from becoming obliterated through the mendacious,rapacious,and criminal miscegenacists of the present days.

We can not go on hiding behind PC slogans, shiboleths and banners. It is like assisting on our own funeral march.

6:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Xrisi Avgi dude said:
[quote]:Furthermore,I want to say that there is so much racism to be found in the Old Testament (and we are speaking of Holy Scripture) , that it becomes unfair to regard us as racist...[quote/]

racism in the old testament?

has this dude even read even abit of the bible?

or is he trying to degrade the bible just to try and make him and his party look good...

i think the the latter...

disapointing he'd do that.

5:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What can the poor guy say ?

Most probably he is an orthodox, - not by conviction or belief- by conventional greek upbringing.

He pays - like millions - lip service to the church because there is nothing else to replace it. The orthodox church is an ecumenical body and ,unlike in former days , supportive of the "we are all one" internationalist ideology. The church is inimical to Golden dawn and Golden dawn is in a bind as to what to do, leaderless and clueless the group trudges along hoping for a better tomorrow or a golden dawn. In the meantime the country sinks into a morass of dissolution and entropism.

The confrontation of the orthodox church and the atheist state representing the constitutional framework of the EU, is looming large in the horizon. The political establishment is impelled to distance itself from the church, eliminating in as much as possible the church's influence in running the national, social and political life in Greece. The moment church and state become severed from each other, the political goals of the atheist government would have been accomplished in line with EU dictates. The church should have no role whatsoever in the life of nations, according to EU guideline and prescription .This will not go down well with Greece or Greeks with their allegiance to the church. It remains to be seen if the church can call the faithful to harness its energy and stake its position as an inalienable part of every greek ,in thwarting the political ambitions of the government in charge. Ultimately the fate of the nation hungs in the balance. Keep your independence, your homogeneity, your identity, your church and stay separate, or allow yourselves to be devoured into an abject and subservient cog of the EU machinery with all its blessings of multiculturalism, democracy, egalitarianism, violation of national rights for native europeans, obliteration of the nation state and a cornucopia of decadence and degeneration.

4:17 AM  

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