Thursday, September 14, 2006

Message From +Bishop Christodoulos: Video On Why We Orthodox Christians Pray

I recently received this from a dear friend.



Your Grace,

Since we've done the Have Faith video on prayer, I estimate that well over a thousand people have viewed it. I cannot express how pleased I am that we did this video, a more articulate description of prayer is hard to imagine.

At first I put the video on myspace, and many people viewed it, some embedded it into their profiles. To help spread the message even further, today I uploaded our video onto, a site that allows people to upload videos on any subject.

You can see the video here:

If anyone wishes to embed the video into their website, the necessary HTML code for it is below. If for some reason the code isn't visible in your email, you can see it by clicking the link above, to the right of the video there is a window which has a line that says "embed", that is the appropriate code.

In Christ,

- George


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