Saturday, September 16, 2006

Serpentine Greek Foreign Ministry Favors Muslim/Jewish/American/European Conquest of Kosovo

I wonder who is going to support us when Thrace or Epiros opt for " independence"?....

Greece favors Kosovo compromise
15 September 2006 13:39 Source: UPI

BELGRADE -- A Greek minister says only a compromise solution for Serbia's mainly ethnic-Albanian Kosovo province will ensure stability.Greek Foreign Minister Theodora Bakoyannis told reporters in Belgrade Thursday, “We are convinced that finding a compromise solution, which Belgrade and Priština will accept, is of crucial significance for stability of the region”, news agency Tanjug reported.Before addressing reporters, Bakoyannis met Serbia's President Boris Tadić and Prime Minister Vojislav Koštunica, who told her that Kosovo's independence is unacceptable to Serbia.


Anonymous sensei said...

Bakoyianis is the black widow of the greek ruling clique. A crypto greek with heavy laddles of Turkish genes in her gnetic make up. Her physignomy and facial contours are anything but Greek, it betrays an Anatolian physical appearance of peasant stock and brushes of Turanian and mongol blood.
Nothing makes any sense in Greek politics, that is from a national, racial, and religious platform; an the entire political "dictatura" is tainted red and leftist beyond redemption.
A mighty and cataclismic series of events can save the nation from the grip of these cancerous canailles. I am afraid we are on the road to the Leto river.

The frontiers of our small and beloved country are left wide open to infiltrators, immigrants from the East and unfettered entrance to muslim hordes with privileges to build mosques - where none existed before - and institutions of "religious" learning. Extrapolate these conditions ten years hence and we would be cohabiting in a cesspool of an imported thirld world and muslim invaders. With Albania and Turkey eventually entering the carcinogenic EU, the fate of Greece would be sealed ; we would be outnumbered and outbred in our own homes.

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