Thursday, September 28, 2006

Healthy Hungarian Nationalist Uprising

Imprisoned historian David Irving's study,UPRISING, of the 1956 Hungarian rebellion against Communist rule, details the anti-Jewish sentiments of the protestors and the extensive Jewish presence in the Communist elite. A rebellion which mainstream Judeo-Western media mis-labelled as merely anti-Communist. This timely article from the TIMES OF LONDON, focuses on the "anti-Semitic" threats of the Hungarian Nationalist movement, which now seems to be much more of a serious threat to the Judeo-Western elite, than the ridiculous Greek "nationalist"factions engrossed in homosexuality, democracy and neo-paganism.

When speaking to reporters, Hungarian nationalists have become more cautious about voicing the kind of anti-Semitism that bubbles over in their closed sessions. “I’m proud to be a Christian, and to be a Hungarian,” was as far as Mr Windberg would go. Their graffiti is less restrained. “Thieving Jew Demszky,” say the daubed slogans, referring to Gábor Demszky, the Mayor of Budapest.

The leader of MIEP, István Csurka, a bear-like white-haired 72-year-old playwright, is one of the most sinister figures in the nationalist undergrowth of Central Europe. His anti-Semitic rhetoric, denouncing Jews for their collaboration with communists and their role in global finance, is familiar territory. But Mr Csurka takes prejudice to crazy heights: 178 Hungarian estate agencies, he claimed, are in Jewish hands in a secret attempt to buy up the country. “This party is anti-Western, anti-capitalist, anti-communist and anti-liberal, and believes that all these enemies are either Jewish or commanded by Jews,” Miklós Haraszti, a former dissident, said.


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