Monday, September 25, 2006

Message From +Bishop Christodoulos: Miracle Above Athens! : Quote From St. Photios

Dear Christians,

According to the Julian or "Old Calendar" this Wednesday is September the 14th. That date is the day on which the Church celebrates the Holy, Precious,and Life-Giving Cross.

That the Julian or "Old Calendar" is in fact the calendar that should be used by the Church is supported by the many signs given to us by God Himself. See below for one of these miraculous signs:

Christ be with you,
+Bishop Christodoulos

"How can I not mourn that previous peaceful life, now lost? I knew from the first that the Patriarchal throne was exceedingly stormy and surrounded by great cares. I knew of the difficulties of governing the masses of the people, their mutual quarrels, their envy, rebellions, and mutterings if something is not to their liking, and the scorn and haughtiness that follows unless one gives them their own way. What am I to do now that I have been placed in power? At times I will have to be strict even towards friends; I will have to disregard even kinsmen since I must be sharp and hard with transgressors. All of this will bring out their hatred and envy."

---St. Photios the Great


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