Sunday, November 12, 2006

The Turkish Nationalist Survival Instinct

For 600 years the Turks survived against enormous odds, again and again, from humble origins in the fogs of Central Asia. The current mood in Turkey,despite decades of Kemalism , in one in great odds to the West. Unlike Greece, Turkey still has a real military , with strong Nationalist and religious sentiments in social and political life. Read the latest in Der Spiegel:

...What is undeniable is that, one year after the opening of accession talks with the EU, the atmosphere in Turkey, with its 99 percent Muslim population, is increasingly anti-European, anti- Western and more nationalistic....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

And why should it be any different ? Europe was devastated in two world wars. In the first world war the fratricidal conflict led to the hecatomb of the flower European manhood. Empires ,seemingly built in granite, collapsed, chaos and degeneration followed. Amidst all this turmoil, the Turks successfully carried out the genocide of the century by elimination a 3000 years old race, the Armenians, successfully destroyed the Greek foundations of Asia Minor, purged the country of its christian elements, lost the war but came out victorious at its conclusion. They changed their stripes, stripped themselves of the remnants of the Ottoman Empire, adopted "western ways" and sat down to watch the second world war which brought more devastation,its cities in ruins, its spirit crushed and subject to an unprecedented occupation by that is continuing to this day. The Turks are sitting pretty. Everyone seems to be courting them. Even Greece, perenial enemies with Turkey, are rolling the red carpet for the Mongols to step into Europe with their dirty boots. Don't Bakyoianis and Gul make a loving couple ? Who could question that we are not witnessing bliss of a "Turkish couple" on a journey to a European honeymoon ?

Turkey is on the march, bidding their time, oriental cunning and deceit their main trading items.They have a military establishment which is ultranationalist and hell bent on territorial aggrandisement. The Pan Turanian dream lingers on in the turkish soul. When they get access into the walking carcass of the EU, it will not be as an equal member but as the member to be in charge. All this can not happen with Turkish efforts alone, there must be complicity in the demonic plot, and Turkey's accomplices are the prostrate lying Europeans who are no longer masters of their destiny.

10:30 AM  
Blogger fidaki said...

Yeah, why should turkey be in the EU?
Big mistake to offer the chance in the first place. It's tough to go back but I hope they encounter fierce opposition from France, Germany and Holland especially. Why is Greece not opposing their entry???
I know who Bakoyiannis is really in love with:
I made this up:
"Dora and Condi, sitting in a tree,
First goes land,
then goes courage,
Then comes no backlash from the
Turkish scourge."

7:01 PM  

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