Sunday, March 18, 2007

Anti-Greek "Orthodox" Fronts

I just discovered on the informative that all the hierarchy of the heretical OCA (Orthodox Church In America) are under investigation by the FBI. Scary stuff, now it makes sense that a Greek Orthodox friend who was sucked in by one of the 'churches' associated with this OCA cult had so many rumours spread around about him after he chose to return to the truth of Greek Orthodoxy . It seems that my Greek Orthodox friend, knows about the newly renovated and expensive beautiful new kitchen and marble floors of a certain OCA "priest's" church residence , well hidden from the duped OCA followers. The current head of the OCA , Metropolitan Herman, seems to also be under the investigation by the FBI, and I wonder if his stock portfolio manager and a certain "priest" who spread rumours about my Greek Orthodox friend is also under investigation by the FBI? H'mmm , spooky.

Be careful of corrupt cults masquerading as Orthodox, usually these groups are formed with the cooperation of Greek Haters seeking to suck in Greek Orthodox faithful and promote an anti-Greek hate agenda.

It reminds me of the non-Canonical Turkish Orthodox Church, the leader of this group recently died, the group's purpose was , according the Turkish lobby newspaper Turkish Times, to promote Turkish nationalism:

"Erenerol, who became patriarch of the Turkish church in 1991, was sometimes nicknamed the "patriarch without a community" as the church had few followers. However, it held several Orthodox churches in Istanbul- making it the center of a property dispute with the Ecumenical Patriarchate.

Erenerol's church, founded by his father Papa Eftim, sharply denounced any links to its Greek heritage, conducted its liturgies in Turkish, and quickly won favor in the Turkish Republic formed from the ashes of the Ottoman Empire in 1923."

Papa Eftim incidentally also played a key pivotal role in the September 1955 pogrom against Greeks in Constantinople, according to Constantinople Greek pogrom survivor memoir "The Miracle"by Leonidas Koumakis, Papa Eftim was also a Turkish agent, another Anti-Greek "Orthodox" Front.


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