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Message From A Thoughtful reader On Italian Barbarism

Ey, this is EOKA ASSASSIN, from your blog.
Happened to come across this.
thought since you mention abortion on your blog alot, thought this may interest ya to put on your blog if you want.
This is pretty shocking.
Girl Suffers Forced Abortion in Italy
Minors have no "right to choose" life in Catholic nation

By Peter J. Smith

TURIN, Italy, February 19, 2007 ( - An Italian judge ordered a 13 year-old girl to undergo an abortion, despite the girl's pleas to let her keep her child reports the Italian news agency, La Stampa.

The girl, Valentina, had become pregnant by her 15 year-old boyfriend, however rather than let her choose to keep her child, her parents demanded she have an abortion on the grounds that she was ruining her life by becoming a mother.

"You cannot hold this child ... you must abort, and father will never have to know," Valentina's mother told her, saying that she did not have the money to support the child.

Despite Valentina's repeated attempts to make her parents understand she wanted to choose to keep her baby, the case went to the Court of Minors. Judge Giuseppe Cocilovo then issued the ruling to abort Valentina's child.

Under Italian law, a minor may not decide whether to keep or abort her child, and may be forced by her guardians or parents to undergo an abortion.

However, the abortion has meant nothing less than disaster for Valentina, who was confined to the psychiatric unit of Regina Margherita children's hospital in Turin after the abortion for wanting to commit suicide.

"You have made me kill, and now I kill myself, I kill myself", cried Valentina. "I do not want here to be," Valentina repeated. "I am not crazy, I am only evil like a dog for what my parents and the judges have obliged to make to me."

The case of Valentina is an egregious case of forced abortion in Italy, where one would expect that a woman's "right to choose" would mean the possibility of choosing life. However, the silence of purportedly "pro-choice" feminist groups has been deafening thus far over 13 year-old Valentina's forced abortion, despite her very own choice that her body should carry life.

To respectfully protest the Italian authorities:

Italian Embassy in U.S.
3000 Whitehaven Street, N.W.
Washington, D.C., 20008

Tel (202) 612-4400
Fax (202) 518-2154
Italian Embassy in Ottawa

275 Slater Street, 21st Floor
Ottawa, Ontario K1P 5H9

t. +1.613.232.2401
f. +1.613.233.1484

Italian Justice Ministry
Via Arenula, 70 - 00186 ROME
Tel: 06.68851
Web Site:


Blogger Hellenian said...

This is one of the most horrendous, barbaric, and anti-human things I've ever heard. That the parents of a pregnant girl would demand that the girl murder her own child (and their grandchild) and that the Italian judicial system would impose this death sentence on her unborn child is abominable. Not only was one completely innocent and defenseless human being executed by the state but the girl (who was also a victim of the state) now suffers extreme psychological problems (to the point of wanting to end her life) and possible physical problems as well (since abortion increases the likelihood of breast cancer and infertility), directly as a result of the forced abortion. It must also be mentioned that these monstrous acts of barbarity are regularly committed in Communist China. No doubt these barbaric acts will be the norm in the future Europe (and the world) of the anti-christ.

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