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Fight Back Against anti-Christ Propaganda With Boycotts And Holocaust Revisionism

Holocaust revisionist Michael Hoffman is circulating a boycott press release about the DISCOVERY CHANNEL's "Lost Tomb of Jesus" documentary, which, again not surprisingly, is a Jewish operation. These anti-Christ propaganda campaigns seem to be emerging every Lenten season, only last Lenten season we had The New York Times promoting a gnostic theory that JESUS was related to Judas ( god forgive me for writing this)

The idea of a boycott is nice, but lets not be stupid, those who read Jewish-run publications and follow Jewish television channels have been making Jews rich for many years, feeding on the miserable American mass man's anti-Christ thirst for blasphemy and further degeneracy.

A far more effective way of smacking the Jews' face would be to lend more and more support to the heroic intellectual adventure of Holocaust Revisionism, take "the Holocaust story" away and the Jews will be left with nothing as far as any moral legitimacy, and the current degenerate structure of the Judeo-West is largely built upon the Jewish"Holocaust" story's many myths and deceptions,going so far as to cite "Holocaust Denial" in the UN in its determination to stop Iran's armament program against Jewish supremacism in the Middle East. The brave Iranian government is planning bigger and better conferences on the Jewish "Holocaust" story,according to Iranian news agency IRNA :

Secretary General of the Global Foundation of Holocaust Survey Mohammad-Ali Ramin said on Monday that the international conference on holocaust, dubbed `Holocaust: A Global Vision' (December 11-12) had not had the slightest effect on Iran's nuclear case

Furthermore, he said, scholars and experts from four corners of the global have announced readiness to take part in the upcoming Holocaust meetings and present articles to review the event.

He noted that timing of the next Holocaust meeting will be announced later.

Hopefully we will see more scholarship from Greece on this timely adventure and scholars to better inform our people on this dangerous myth, at the very least it will deliver a steady barrage to outrage the Jews who blaspheme Christ, year after year.

Here is Michael Hoffman's press release:

The Hoffman Wire
Dedicated to Freedom of the Press, Investigative Reporting and Revisionist History
Michael A. Hoffman II: Editor.
by Michael A. Hoffman II

Simcha Jacobovici, "The Orthodox Jewish director of a new documentary ("The Lost Tomb of Jesus") about Jesus’ purported burial chamber is beating back a flurry of attacks...His Christian critics...say that they...take the documentary as a direct challenge to their faith.

"Chief among these critics is Bill Donohue, president of the Catholic League, which defends the rights of Catholics. But even Donohue, who in past years has accused the 'secular Jews' in Hollywood of pursuing an anti-Christian agenda, left Jacobovici's religion out of his critique. 'There's no question that there is an animus in Hollywood toward Christianity,' Donohue said. But, he added, Jacobovici's Judaism doesn't factor into this particular case."
--Forward (Zionist newspaper), March 1, 2007
HOFFMAN's COMMENT: Orthodox rabbinic tradition teaches that Jesus did
not rise from the dead. Jacobovici is an Orthodox Judaic, but William Donohue believes "Judaism doesn't factor into this particular case"? Here we see the impact of right wing Orthodox Rabbis like Meyer Schiller, Yehuda Levin and Daniel Lapin, who have convinced "Christian leaders" like Donohue that

Talmudists are on the same page as Christian conservatives in the struggle for cultural and family values. They promote this lie even though their religion teaches that Christ's remains are very much on earth -- the very point the huckster Jacobovici is making with his "Lost Tomb of Jesus" snake oil, a film perfectly consonant with Jacobovici's Orthodox Judaic upbringing. But, hush, we dare not mention that truth.

Yet, if we are not going to arm ourselves with the truth, how are we going to win this battle against those who seek to ritually murder the reputation of Jesus Christ before 1.4 billion potential viewers of the Discovery Channel?

Please boycott the Discovery Channel, including Animal Planet, Discovery Health, Discovery Kids, Travel Channel, TLC and Military Channel and let their executives (David Zaslov and Mark Hollinger) know why you are doing so.
You can send Discovery Channel an e-mail through an electronic form
Or better yet, protest by telephone (please keep your conversation civil
and legal): 240-662-2000

Discovery Communications, Inc. ownership consists of four shareholders:Discovery Holding Company (NASDAQ: DISCA, DISCB), Cox Communications, Inc., Advance/Newhouse Communications and John S. Hendricks, the Company’s Founder and Chairman.

Please also boycott Discovery Channel advertisers, Cox Communications and Advance/Newhouse Communications.


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