Friday, February 23, 2007

Cyprus Government Considers More Greek Life To The World

The Cyprus government is considering the offer of generous monetary aid to families having more children, long overdue this policy is much needed in Greece, Greek life is desperately needed and money should be spent to help families afford to bring more and more Greeks into this world.

If only the charlatans running the Greek government in ATHENS could divert some of the money for Muslims (who don't belong in Greece at all) to help the blessed Greek families bringing Greek children into this world. Especially needed in Greece, cursed with one of the world's most quickly shrinking native populations, bearing the ignoble notoriety of being one of the worse aborting countries on earth.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

One must be extemely careful that this regulation to provide an incentive to the growth of greek families applies only to GREEKS. Just now the main beneficiaries would be the thousands of aliens, whose women have an inordanately high degree of fecundity. This is a double edged sword, within existing EU laws of citizenship and residency the aliens, muslims, chinese, africans and thirld worlders would be the pricipal actors in the playwrite.

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