Thursday, February 15, 2007

Dora Hell-Bent On Building Muslim Ghettos

Seems that Hellenic Nationalist Perspective's article on the faulty Dutch experiment with ghetto building, has not been read by the Greeklings running Greece, today they spend and build toward creating a solid Muslim ghetto in Greece, despite the example of Holland's failed experiment:

The Greek state will also spend 4.85 million euros to hire 240 religious teachers (imams) - with preference given to local residents - who will teach in local schools, preaching and interpreting the Koran.
ATHENS NEWS , 09/02/2007, page: A09
Article code: C13221A091


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The epitome of madness,the rationality of crass stupidity. On the other hand it is recognized that Greece has renounced to her sovereignty and orders and directives for the management of Greek Inc. emanate directly from the cesspool of Bruxelles. The government elements are steeped into internationalism and egalitarian philosophies. Mrs. Bakoyianis is a foreign dominated marionette, she serves the globalists interests and not Greece's. The influx from Asia is practically limitless. The number of Asian trespassers will escalate exponentially. The globalist's manipulation of population transfers and population replacement enterprises take on a window projection of 100 - 200 years hence. Unable to curb population explosions in Asia and Africa the underlying scheme is to divert African and Asian growth to Europe. The pretext of the aging European population and the deficient coefficients in birth are mere smoke and screens minstrel show to justify, under a totally false and flawed premise, the unimpeded flow of slime and sludge from Asia and Africa into the european white nations heartland. Unfortunately the Greeks are failing to see what is happening in other parts of Europe, which are by now irretrievably lost to the enemy, biologically and socially. i.e France, U.K., Holland, Sweden, Germany etc. The political surrender will follow.
The immigration globalist scam is an imbecilic stratagem to biologically destruct the old continent. With spurious statistics, and specious arguments put forth by non existent "think tanks" it speaks of the continent requiring 700 million immigrants by 2050. Half of India and pakistan alone are going to be housed in the european earthen. Minds affected by an incurable illness, or minds dedicated to sedition and subversion can envision such a dystopic ,shattering and tragic scenario. To compound the tragedy and irony of the madness is that Mrs. Bakoyiannis firmly believes this is the case, and that the importation of the detritus of Africa/Asia can only enrich Hellenism with the bountiness of multiculturalism and multiracialism at the expense of Hellenic homeostasis. Unless there is a revolutionary demarche from the present biological genocide ( the govt. can start by repatriating all muslims and prohibiting additional invaders) the demographic calculations, if present invasion trends are maintained which factors in the boundless and exponential growth in intakes, little Greece can contemplate having a black texture of its population composition by 2300.

6:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is very sick and upsetting news. If anything, we need to deport Muslims and make them feel like unwelcome dogs. And wait WAIIIIIIT...Local Muslim clerics? The Turkic dogs? They might "preach" to secede their "Ghetto" from Greece., They might demand Western Thrace or Tsamouria as they have already done.

11:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Many Turks are whiter than Greeks.

7:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So what...? They are still F-N Mongols.

10:28 PM  

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