Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Mongol Stupidities

Cyprus's stalwart leader Papadopoulos has forged a close burgeoning alliance with nuclear power China and visited China on an official visit only last December, the stupid Turks tried to pull a fast one by redirecting the Chinese Ambassador's airplane to the Turkish-occupied north, these Mongols never cease to amaze us with their oafish stupidities.


Blogger Hellenian said...

This could indeed be chalked up to oafish stupidity but let's not ignore the possibility that this was staged by both the Turks and the Chinese in order to surreptitiously facilitate relations between China and Occupied Cyprus. Unless the Chinese do something more than make minor diplomatic protests, then this is probably the case. After all, China is trying to become a world power and having its foreign policy hijacked by the Turkish government would be a grave affront that would normally be met with very harsh consequences. Therefore, if only angry words are exchanged, this means that this entire incident was jointly planned and directed. Time will tell what really happened.

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