Friday, February 02, 2007

New Comment Policy

As of right now, comment moderation has been enabled on this blog, meaning the blog owner must approve of comments. So to all my regular commentators please keep commenting, it will just take a few hours or perhaps at most a day or so for your comments to appear, because the blog owner will have to approve the comments.

The blog initially tried the team member option, but that has been dropped, its deemed too complicated.

The reason why this policy is suddenly being introduced is because a certain unsavory person with severe psychological and psychiatric and spiritual illness, some say he may be possesed by a demon or demons, has chosen to publish comments which are veiled death threats on this blog, and to publish what he thinks are the addresses of members of the blog owner's family, I ask that we pray that this poor individual find a way out of the torments his soul must be going through. May God Have Mercy on Him

Also, there is the not remote likelihood that the opinions and ideological slant of this blog are obviously inducing a 'cringe' on the 'system' players, and this has led some to resort to gangster-like or terrorist-like methods in a desperate effort to stop this blog.

We Do Not Surrender. Take this blog down somehow, and another will pop up, as will many more websites. Take this blog owner down somehow, and many more fighters for the great cause, will pop up in his place.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmm this Certain unsavory person You say is Possessed by Demons or possibly several Demons. let me guess which ones.

The Adl Demon, The Multicultural Demon, The jewloving-pro-Zionist demone, The Niggerloving demon, The pro-Racemixxing demon, The over reliance on Psychiatric medicine demon, The "projecting" demon, the weakness to criticism demon.

tell me which ones i'm missing?

8:41 PM  

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