Friday, January 26, 2007

Dialogue With Turks Means Certain Death

Armenian-American lobbyist,Harut Sassounian, provides an analysis on the Hrant Dink killing on The Huffington Post:

While a 17-year old fanatical young man, hired by "dark forces," is said to have pulled the trigger, many others have a share of responsibility in Dink's murder. It is noteworthy that the Turkish police, after apprehending the assassin and a group of collaborators, discovered that he was armed and directed to carry out this murder by another extremist who was trained in the use of weapons by Chechens in Azerbaijan. It is becoming increasingly clear, and Dink said so himself in his January 10 column, that he was being targeted by "a deep force."

The tidbit of info on the involvement of extremists from Chechnya in Azerbaijan, makes the possibility also not remote that the US or those forces trained or cooperating with the US were involved as well, Goltz's honest reportage on the war in Azerbaijan in his expose, Azerbaijani Dairies, notes the heavy involvement of US mercenaries as well as the US and Israeli, and, of course, Turkish intelligence, in the country , all may also be part of that "dark force" Nothing new in this regard, anti-Armenian and anti-Greek extremists have a long history of cooperative actions of violence and assassination for the Turkish government. They were once even caught on tape in action in Cyprus killing Greek activists.

The Turks themselves came out in support ,on internet fora, officially,and in a large funeral procession,of Hrant Dink because he was a liberal who wanted to engage in 'dialogue' with the Turks, he supported 'Turkish-Armenian Friendship' committees , wanted Armenians and Turks to talk to each other , and had a long record of also identifying himself as a proud Turk and even served in the Turkish military. For all that, as writer Robert Fisk puts it, he got to be the 1,500,001 st victim of the Armenian Genocide.

Many Armenians and Greeks indulge in the foolhardy venture of entering into a dialogue with a Turk or Turks. Take a good look of how it goes on the internet or in the diplomatic community, Turks never concede to anything and there are never enough facts or arguments to convince the Turk of his Genocidal legacy, he will ask for more and more facts, will ask for the involvement of a foreign tribunal, will recite some legalese , when pushed to the wall call us "racist" or "anti-Muslim" or "Islamophobic" or accuse us of harboring "ethnic hatred" , and sometimes even boast that he is sorry that his ancestors didn't get to finish the job when his ancestors had the chance. Well, there are few Armenians left in Turkey, and far fewer Greeks. Turks want to exterminate the last of us so bad they have even been known to attack what cemeteries or graves of our kind they could find, smashing tombstones and unearthing bodies, tossing grenades or firebombs into our near deserted churches and bombing buses full of stupid Greek tourists who go to visit them.

In retrospect, Hrant's death is meaningless because Turks will never change, nor will the Greeks or Armenians stupid enough to indulge in 'dialogue' with a barbarian.

Nothing changes, as far as Turks are concerned. According to Morgenthau, there were loads of Armenians and Greeks getting to be friends with the Young Turks, then they got treated to the Armenian Genocide and the Hellenic Genocide, same was true of friendship and dialogue happy Greeks just before the 1955 pogrom in Constantinople.

Hrant Dink must have seen the writing on the wall, he remained dedicated to his liberal ideals of seeing Turks as civilized human beings, as equals, and paid with his life, as did many, many unsung others...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr Dink paid with his life on account of his misguided altruism and conciliatory outlook. Sad tragedy, unnecessary. The criminality of the Turk will never be erased. There are many ill advised and ill guided men in Greece too, like the unfortunate Mr. Dink, who imagine and dream of talking to the Turk. When will they learn ?

3:23 PM  
Blogger Hellenian said...

The "many ill-advised and ill-guided men" in Greece differ in a very important way from Hrant Dink: unlike him, they do not try to expose the genocide (and other Turkish crimes) committed against their own people and, on the contrary, take great steps to prevent the average Greek from learning too much about such things.

9:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Absolutely correct, spot on. Where are the equivalent of our Mr. Dink ?
Parleying and embracing with the Turk, and keeping silent ?.

8:44 PM  

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