Sunday, January 21, 2007

Modern Greek Buffoons Putting On Neo-Pagan Clown Show For Western degenerates

A "priestess" for ZEUS puts on a show for her Western masters
ABC NEWS and a long list of other Western news outlets report on these pathetic displays by those modern Greeks who dutifully follow the barbaric West's fixation with our distant , degenerate pagan past. The neo-pagan movement in Greece is a Western import and there is no better evidence of this than the West's Jew-controlled press's focus on these displays by a handful of buffoons who disgrace the centuries old evolution of Helleno-Orthodox identity by rejecting it in favor of neo-pagan humanism. What is this sickness? Sixty or seventy years ago they brought us communism, two hundred years ago the Western classicists force fed us parliamentarian liberal democracy, and today the trained monkeys are for the "religion" of ancient Greece.


Anonymous Policarpio said...

It is the responsability of the Greek kratos to neutralize such re-flowering of contradictions against Orthodoxy. Since Greece is only a Kratos in appearance and name, a geographic extension of the multiracial and multicultural disease that pervades the the EU, these bizarre groups will make their presence known.

Frankly speaking, the emergence of Paganism makes no difference. It is a manifestation of the social and cultural divide that is begining to emerge in a manufactured multicultural nation such as Greece has become today. A few isolated groups of esoteric following will not shake the establishment. The danger lies in the reaction to Paganism. Is Paganism coming back ?.Does the Orthodox church feels threatened ? Does the Greek nation feel threatened ? The emergence and settlement of imported muslim communities, in Greece is a far greater and mortal danger and an expression of a degenerate and tolerant society , than the eccentricities of a band of sun seekers under the temple of Zeus or Athena. The Orthodox reaction is awaited with bated breath against the importation, introduction and growth in Greece of muslim followers. Zeus worshippers will not form part of the undermining and seditious onslaught to the Ethnocratos by other dark and degenerate forces that flourish under the benevolent eye of the establishment

11:49 PM  
Blogger Hellenian said...

Neo-Paganism is not a serious threat to Orthodoxy. Its followers are almost exclusively Leftists who seek some sort of Liberal political religion to believe in due to some sort of political disillusionment they've undergone. (Their Leftist antipathy to Orthodoxy, which lingers on in them, prevents them from embracing it so they choose Neo-Paganism instead since it is more in line with their sociopolitical beliefs.) Hence, the Neo-Pagans' talk of peace, ecology, "brotherhood of man", and "freedom of thought". Most of these individuals know little of Christianity and even less about Hellenism. After all, anyone who rejects Hellas' Christian tradition either does not have an understanding of Orthodoxy or of Hellenism.

However, how much of a threat Neo-Paganism and Neo-Pagans are is irrelevant to the question. Any and all anti-Orthodox and anti-Hellenic beliefs, ideologies, and elements must be countered -- and Neo-Paganism is both. The fact that a significant portion of Golden Dawn was infiltrated and then corrupted by Neo-Pagans illustrates that those who are already misguided can easily be duped into accepting beliefs that run counter to their nation's social evolution and social experience -- even if they consider themselves nationalists.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Greeks mated animals, guilt guessed Minotaur, Centaurs

1:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Greeks should colonize a less messed planet, where Zeus, not Jews, still rules

2:23 PM  

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