Sunday, January 21, 2007

Bush's Top advisors, Jews and....A SKOPJIAN!!

Some of us were wondering how in the world the Bush administration sent shockwaves through the Greek world with its sudden recognition following elections in November 2004 to recognize the Titoist-conceived-"nation"

The many Jews Bush surrounds himself with were certainly instrumental in pushing anti-Greek agendas ,such as Marc Grossman : The Man Who Made "Macedonia" Kosher For America

Only very recent research by a dedicated comrade is bargaining us the full story, Bush actually has a self-proclaimed "Macedonian" on assignment as his special assistant, Tim Goeglein, of Indiana, according to the website of his alma mater:

Goeglein's grandfather, who immigrated to America from Macedonia in 1916, taught him to appreciate America and Americans. He taught his family the culture of Macedonia as well as the magic of America.

This coming week I hope to retrieve the actual Skopjian publication which boasts of how their Skopjian-American next to Bush, Tim Goeglein, was involved in the Bush recognition of "Macedonia".


Anonymous Anonymous said...


stupid Skopiani...
stupid Yank government...

Its the Yank government that's behind the Skopiani urging them to continually go against us with things such as naming their Skopje airport, ''Alexander the Great Airport''...

2:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sotirhos had a Skopjan sidekick named Radi Slavof

1:39 PM  

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