Sunday, January 07, 2007

MERRY CHRISTMAS! and a Message From The Monastery Of The Holy Ascension

ABOVE: The outdoor Fatni (Cresh) at the Monastery of the Holy Ascension in Woodstock, NY (photo taken last night)


a Message From +Bishop Christodoulos

"Now the day of mercy has shown forth! Let no one persecute his neighbor with revenge for the wrong he has caused him! The day of joy has arrived! Let no one be guilty of causing sorrow and grief to another person. This is a cloudless and bright day!

"Let anger be stilled for it disturbs peace and tranquility. This is the day in which God descended to sinners! Let the righteous man be ashamed to exalt himself over sinners. This is the day when the Lord of creation came to servants! Let the master of the house humble himself in similar love to his servants. This is the day on which the Wealthy One became poor for our sake! Let not the rich be ashamed to share their table with the poor."

---St. Ephraim the Syrian

We the Brotherhood of Holy Ascension Monastery invite one and all to celebrate the blessings of the Holy Nativity with us on the second day of Christmas (Dec. 26/January 8). A Hierarchical Divine Liturgy will be celebrated by His Grace Bishop Christodoulos. Presiding at the Divine Liturgy will be His Eminence Metropolitan Pavlos, our Geronda. It will be his first visit back to his monastery since February.

Divine Liturgy will begin approximately 10:00AM.

Chronia Polla!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Christos gennatai!

Chronia polla!

First time I've seen such an Orthodox outdoor _creche_; clever, interesting. I have seen large traditional Nativity icon (coated with varnish, or behind plexiglas against weather), surrounded with fir / pine, illuminated with Xmas lights, etc.)
Beautiful photo.

3:16 AM  

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