Monday, January 01, 2007

Welcome The New Year With Laughs

Happy New Year Friends ,readers, comrades. I enjoyed an all night Seinfeld marathon on telelvision. What better way to welcome the New Year in this denegenrate Western wasteland than with laughs, here's a real treat , the Seinfeld " Lost Episode", a spoof on last year's Kramer thing.


Anonymous Xenopoulos said...

It seems that you can not get away from the addiction- stranglehold- the Seinfeldien's have ensnared its prey. Dependency of the Seinfelden's, in whatever guise, is the sign of maximum obsequiousness and bondage of the weak to the strong. Seinfeld thinks for you, it makes you crack with laughter, it titillates and controls your thoughts, it triggers pathos and bathos,it fertilizes your brain and it putrefies your perceptions and judgements; in one sentence , it shapes your mind and its processes. Can you survive without the Seinfeld's in control of your inane existence ? Carry on laughing with Seinfeld.

2:41 AM  

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