Saturday, December 30, 2006

President of Iraq Executed

The following was written by an Anonymous Hellenic Nationalist Comrade:

Today, the president of Iraq, Saddam Hussein, after being kidnapped and illegal detained for three years by American terrorist forces that had barbarically bombed and invaded the sovereign nation of Iraq under Israeli mandate, was executed by the American puppet government after a predetermined show trial that can only be regarded as a mockery of justice.

In his letter to his people, Saddam Hussein wrote, "Here, I offer my soul to God as a sacrifice, and if He wants, He will send it to heaven with the martyrs [...]". Prior to his execution, defense lawyer Badie Aref said Saddam Hussein "was in very high spirits" and was preparing himself. He added that, "He told [his half-brothers who were visiting him] he was happy he would meet his death at the hands of his enemies and be a martyr, not just languish in jail". As he stood at the gallows, he refused to have his head covered with a hood and, before the rope was put around his neck, shouted, "God is great. The nation will be victorious and Palestine is Arab".

Many Iraqis lamented the great leader's death. Mosques broadcast recitations from the Koran in expressions of mourning, while thousands of common people took to the streets, carrying pictures of him, firing gunshots in the air, and calling for revenge in many towns. In Saddam Hussein's hometown of Tikrit, there were no signs of the Islamaic Eid celebration. A 35-year old store owner in Baghdad was quoted as saying, "There's no Eid. This is a day for the Persians and not for the Arabs. God have mercy on his soul". Another Iraqi said that he and his family cried when state television reported news of the execution. Voicing the common view that Saddam
Hussein died a martyr, he added, "He had not said or done anything wrong. The Americans made a mistake by occupying Iraq, and relied on mercenaries and stooges who robbed the country and stole Iraq's history, heritage and culture. This day registered a martyr and a
hero who died for his cause". Likewise, Sheik Yahya al-Attawi of the Saddam Big Mosque voiced similar views, stating that, "The president, the leader Saddam Hussein is a martyr and God will put him along with other martyrs. Do not be sad nor complain because he has died the death of a holy warrior". In the words of Najeeb al-Nauimi, a member of Saddam's legal team, "The Baath regime ruled for 35 years. Saddam was vice president or president of Iraq during those years. For Iraqis, he will be very well remembered. Like a martyr, he died for the sake of his country".

The Judeo-Americans, aided by Iraqi traitors, may have hanged Saddam Hussein but, by doing so, they did not destroy him but rather made him a martyr whose legacy will live on. As the previous statements by both Saddam Hussein and his lawyers indicate, Saddam Hussein was very aware of this fact.

Long live the memory of Saddam Hussein, may his legacy not only live on but also influence and guide future Iraqi and non-Iraqi leaders, and may God grant him the mercy that he showed upon the Orthodox!

I now end this message with a prayer:

O Master, Lord our God, Who in Thy wisdom hast created man, and didst honor him with Thy Divine image, and place in him the spirit of life, and lead him into this world, bestowing on him the hope of resurrection and life everlasting; and after he had violated Thy commandments, Thou O Gracious lover of mankind, didst descend to the earth that Thou mightest renew again the creation of Thy hands. Therefore we pray Thee, O All-Holy Master give rest to the soul of Thy servant, Saddam Hussein, in a place of brightness, a place of green pasture, a place of repose, and, in that he has sinned in word, or deed or thought forgive him: For Thou art a good God and lovest mankind and unto Thee do we ascribe Glory, together with Thy Father, Who is from everlasting and Thine All-Holy and good, and ever giving Spirit, now, and ever, and unto ages of ages. Amen.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

R.I.P. Saddam. You were treated unjustly. In time your legacy will be uncovered and mankind will view it from a more balanced perspective.

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