Tuesday, December 19, 2006


A Palestinian boy throws stones at an Israeli tank patrolling the Deheishe refugee camp, near Bethlehem ,July 5, 2002.

(It's interesting how Israeli political groups can freely call for the expulsion of Christians and Muslims from Israel, and the expuslion of non-Jews from lands and sovereign nations where an indigenous Jewish population has never existed, and yet receive no news coverage outside of the Arab world but when any non-Jewish political party calls for stricter anti-immigration laws they are denounced in the Jewish-dominated West by alarmists as "xenophobes," "racists," and all sorts of other absurdities. This alone certainly says a lot about who runs the media, doesn't it?-Anonymous Hellenic Nationalist Comrade)


Orange city lights, light up the street
Immigrants piss off, Jew puppets fuck
Leave now our hometown, we won't let
it down.
We'll regain our peaceful nights, orange
city lights.

I might be a little old but I own a
Come younger fellows let's go to face
the storm.
The immigrants must perish and go
straight to hell
A bunch of human trash, we know them
all so well.


We're sick and tired of that bloody
Albanians - Georgians, Pakistanis, Gypsies still pollute
our nation.

Scum of the underground with brains
full of shit.
Our leaders are fucked up but we
won't ever quit.
Some niggers also appeared when
they escaped the zoo.
They married some white whores and
their children grew.
The yuppies don't react due to
the Jews.
They only care about the call girls they're
supposed to screw.


(Lyrics for ORANGE CITY LIGHTS are from the album Stomping The Mud by Boiling Blood purchased in Logxi bookshop, Athens)


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