Saturday, December 16, 2006

Alternative Tehran, Iran "Review of the Holocaust" International Conference

The radical theocratic revolution in Iran is offering an alternative model for civilization as is evident by its ambitious hosting of a worldwide conference,earlier this week, questioning the official Jewish version of Second World War history and its effects to this day.Of course, the Western press as well as leading Western powers were furious that those who were most affected adversely by this Jewish version of history dare question such a thing in a conference. France and Germany along with a few other Western European countries outlaw questioning of the official Jewish version of the Second World War, many of the participants to this conference are citizens of these "enlightened" countries

In any case I chanced upon two alternative reviews of the conference from the revisionist perspectives of conference attendees, Bradley Smith's codoh site is one source, and the even more extensive Adelaide Institute. A must read is Mathaba's first hand account, The Truth About The Tehran Holocaust Conference-By One Who Was There and the speech by Robert Faurisson published in Radio Islam.


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