Thursday, December 14, 2006

Pinochet: Zionist Junta Leader

'Pinochet's Rule
Jewish individuals were successful under Pinochet's rule from 1973-1988 also. Many returned to Chile after Allende's demise and became active in the government.

Brigadier General Jose Berdichevsky Scher was one of the Air Force officials responsible for the bombing of the presidential palace where Allende died.

Pinochet won some favor among the Jewish community (among those not exiled) because of his views on Israel. Pinochet was a strong supporter of Israel despite the 350,000 Palestinians in the country, the largest group of Palestinians outside of the Middle East. '

The world headlines are blazing wih news about the death of nonagenarian former Chilean dictator and junta leader Augusto Pinochet. The Western press has been quick to condemning his human rights abuses, his "right wing" dictatorship , his anti-Marxist polices etc etc

In actuality, Augusto Pinochet was a Judeo-Centric junta takeover , which very unlike our independent Greek junta, has been exposed in declassified documents as being installed by covert American intervention. Of course, the fanatical Zionist-Jew Henry Kissinger played a major role in installing Pinochet's junta in Chile, in his capacity as American Secretary of State as well as NSA head.The Trial Of Henry Kissinger, covers his involvement in this Zionist war crime along with several other crimes against humanity such as the Turkish invasion of Cyprus.

Salvador Allende , the elected government of Chile which the Pinochet Junta overturned in 1973 was a threat to the Jews, Allende had made several public statements condemning Jewish criminality and in his youth was alleged to have even been an admirer of The Third Reich! Many observers now seriously doubt any Marxist plot on the part of Allende, in fact, Allende was actually more of a National Socialist in training.

Many years ago I had a relationship with a Jewess who revealed to me that her estranged father was making a lot of money from the Pinochet regime with deals done at the Israeli Embassy in Santiago! Jewish-American and anti-Zionist writer Noam Chomsky has linked Israeli military cooperation with several "right wing" regimes in Latin America that owe their existence to American intervention, chief among them were El Salvador and Chile, making money off of human misery.

While Pinochet may have hunted down Marxists, he also persecuted his own people for foreign profiteers, mainly the Jews and the Americans. He also is commended by such capitalist watchdog publications as FORBES and THE ECONOMIST for forcing Chile to implement laissez-faire free market capitalism. Not all Juntas are what they appear to be, while Pinochet was pro-Capitalist to a fanatical degree, he was NOT a Nationalist. Pinochet was a Zionist Junta leader.


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Allende was a communist through and through, and a mason of the high degree and a chosenite.Allende did not win the election, he headed a coalition of the center left and outright left. He would have turned chile into another Cuba if Pinochet had not tripped him over.

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