Thursday, December 14, 2006

Jewish Press Worried Over Turkey's Racism And Hatred To minorities

What's so amazing about these Turks is that they persecute minorities, and even have a long legacy of deporting and massacring minorities. Yet cry "racism' whenever they are asked by Westerners to be held accountable for their Turkish racism to minorities, the Turkish hypocrisy is shameless:

Debate on 'minorities' law worries Turkey's Jews

By Yigal Schleifer, Jewish Telegraphic Agency

"Turkey's Jewish community, for example, has had 22 of its foundations -- synagogues and other property in Istanbul and in parts of Turkey where Jews no longer live -- taken away.

"I was very angry during the debate," said Mihail Vasiliadis, editor of Apoyevmatini, a daily Greek newspaper based in Istanbul. "They were not treating us as citizens. Why should I be treated differently than a Muslim?"


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