Sunday, December 17, 2006

"Greek-Turkish Friendship" Propaganda

Hellenic Empire blog provides a superb analysis of the latest propaganda measure by the ruling elite to promote "Greek-Turkish Friendship" by television shows. Gents , I have been following these developments for a long time, and effectively know the Turk's and the Greek's psychology. We , as Greeks, may have those who yearn for justice, but there will always be those Greeks,who still carry the slave mentality, who will back-stab, rat out and turn out any Greek they can, any way they can , in order to gain favor from an unapologetic Turk, welcoming them with open arms, history shows that this never, ever, ends well.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Unfortunetely Prime Minister Turk-Manlis is a American/Turk puppet hence why he and the other Greek Politians will always be traitors and suck up to Turkey and America at every chance.

Just one example is how Turkey wants to get into the E.U... now obviously Greece is in the E.U. (unfortunetly).
But instead of making Turkey bow down to us to get into the E.U. and telling Turkey to fuck off it's Turk-manlis who accepts Turkey's application for the E.U.!
Shows what a puppet he is!

Turk-Malis and Papa-Jew are bending over for the Turks and are an embarrassment and disgrace to us proud Romaioi.

As long as those dirty gypsy Turks have Konstantinopoli and other lands, the Romaion man will always be hiding under the Turks bed waiting for the moment to strike.

St. Kosmos (a man who was given visions by God) prophecied that we would get Constantinople back off the Turks.
St. Kosmos was proven to have visions from God.
Remember: For all those that think this ridiculas, St. Kosmos is the same person that prophecied cars and aeroplanes well before they happened.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

If they put communists in Parliament, what's wrong with Turks

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