Saturday, December 16, 2006


(The photograph displays a decapitated Aris Velouchiotis, famed leader of ELAS ,the armed wing of the Greek Communists during the 1940s, his severed head strung up in a public square for all to see. In an ironic twist of fate, it had been former Greek Axis security forces (Greek security battalionists), employed by the new post-war Greek government, which hunted down and killed him. The communists say that he "committed suicide" before he was captured and killed,but regardless of the truth of this dubious theory, the fact remains that the former security battalionists killed him, nonetheless --whether directly, or indirectly, matters very little. Their goal was accomplished. Justice was served.--Anonymous Hellenic Nationalist Comrade)

How does it feel to walk amongst the fucking living
How does it feel to laugh upon the dam lie they're fed?
It is true, many years have passed, the self called first
became the dam last.
How does it feel to piss on the graves of the living dead?
How does to feel to aim and fire at their empty head?
It is true many years have passed, the rulers of the
streets, lie tragically crashed.

Their glorious days came to a tragic end.
Their so called comrades, straight into hell were sent.
They pretend to be family man,
Ugly as pigs, they're coming back again.
They dominated everything, now they're going home at
That bunch of bastards worshipped everything real
Anarchists and commies I dedicate to you that song.

How does it feel to smell the fear of a walking corpse?
How does it feel to attack and hunt him with no remorse?
The seventies are over now, your nice looking girlfriend
became an ugly cow.
Consuming humanoid zombies with a frozen heart
The eighties and nineties have proven that you
weren't past.
Of this world, you dirty scum your days are over, now
our time has come.

A mindless pack full of material shit.
With fashion aid they stood upon their feet.

A generation that makes me sick.
They can come and suck my dick.
Hippie cunts identify your selves,
Or hide in the woods like hunted elves.
Out cult is eternal it will never die.
Our soul has no price it's something no one will buy.

A lost generation-Full of frustration-now
A lost generation-A shame for the nation-now.

Remember the times when brave men stood upon their
To protect their nation without a single thought to quit.
Brothers we are your chosen sons, the true believers the
unbeaten ones.
A lost generation absent to any holy fight,
They had no values and now remain out of sight.
Greasy low lifes, puppets,
in love with fuckin' whores.

Flowers and love for pathetic mules
Eastern religions Buddha's fuckin' rules
Their sons ignore who their real father is
Probably a filthy, self destructed anarchist

A lost generation-Full of frustration-now
A lost generation-A shame for the nation-now
A lost generation-Full of frustration-now
A lost generation-A shame for the nation-now

(Lyrics for LOST GENERATION are from the album Stomping The Mud by Boiling Blood purchased in Logxi bookshop, Athens)


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