Saturday, December 30, 2006

My Thoughts On The Execution Of Saddam Hussein

The Americans, the English and moreover, the Jewish-Zionists have been agitating for the destruction of Saddam Hussein 's secular and nationalist Arab regime for many years.

From the Hellenic Nationalist viewpoint, Saddam Hussein was a stalwart enemy of Israel and Turkey. I myself witnessed Jewish lobbyists at Turkish community events linking Saddam to anti-Turkey "terrorism", chief amongst Saddam's anti-Turkey projects was heavy funding and support for the PKK, the Kurdish resistance movement in Turkey.

Sadaam's right hand man until the bitter end was Arab Orthodox Christian Tariq Aziz, and the Orthodox Christians in Iraq, prior to the American-British invasion that commenced three years ago, were by some estimates close to 20percent of the population, arguably the highest Orthodox Christian population in the Muslim-dominated region, and many ,many times higher than the respective Orthodox Christian populations of Israel or Turkey , which are closer to a grim one percent of the overall population.

It's a shame that the liberal/leftist media and government in Greece was always quick to condemn BOTH the American invasion and Saddam, and this attitude extended to your average Greek on the street, who disagrees with the American invasion, yet also speaks disapprovingly of Saddam , due to his "human rights" record! I guess the fact that fellow Orthodox Christians , by the hundreds of thousands, lived in relative peace throughout his reign , is irrelevant to the parochial mindset of a democratic denizen of today's Greece.

Sadly , the spectrum of Greek Nationalist parties,groups,factions, and movements have also not commended Saddam for his benevolent and protective policy toward our fellow Orthodox Christians, who can now face the grim and ever depleting fate of Orthodox Christians in democracies such as Israel and Turkey.


Blogger iranianforaryans said...

Saddam might have been good for Orth. Christians but he committed a plethora of atrocities against the Shia and Iranians. He was a stalwart tool of America, ergo the Jews. Only later in his life did he flex his Arab muscles and become an outspoken opponent of Israel and thereby America.

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