Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Nationalist Romanian NOUA DREAPTA held A Memorial Service For Iron Guard Leader CODREANU !

The Romanian Iron Guard of CODREANU is a great historical example of an Orthodox Christian National Socialist Leader-principle movement, many Nationalist movements that are part of European National Front,across Europe sent solidarity messages,according to the Romanian NOUA DREAPTA press release, the Greek Golden Dawn neo-pagan "Nationalist" movement didn't...Maybe they were offended that a Nationalist Leader, who died for his Nation , and was a devout Orthodox Christian, was honored with a traditional Orthodox Christian memorial service officiated by an Orthodox Christian priest? Shows us where Golden Dawn's absurd loyalties lie..

Makes one also wonder why one never ,ever sees any press regarding any memorial services for our great Hellenic Nationalist Leaders--Metaxas, Papadopoulos or Grivas?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's not fair of you to call Golden Dawn a "Neo-Pagan Nationalist Movement" that is completely incorrect because only a fraction of the members are pagan, it's really not nice of you to make assumptions. By the way Tariq Aziz is catholic, not Orthodox.

8:05 AM  
Anonymous Palos said...

The "neo pagan" Golden dawn is a nationalist movement, whereas the othodox church is ( seemingly so) inclined to follow the footsteps of the EU and provide full fledged support for the presently rotten and corrupt government stooges of the EU, and last but not least, are providing umbrage, support and encouragement to the filthy immigrants from the thirld world moving in on Greece.
Make your choices.

3:05 PM  
Blogger Hellenian said...

Golden Dawn is indeed a pseudo-nationalist movement. Although it is true that, at one time, they could be characterized as nationalists (albeit misguided ones), that can no longer be the case given the fact that their newspaper favors Neo-Paganism and minimizes Christianity. This is despite the fact that their leader, soon after the creation of their party, denounced Neo-Pagans as traitors. I guess they slowly infiltrated the group over time and this is the end result. Either that or Golden Dawn's bizarre fixation with Western National Socialism and racialism (which are often anti-Christian) corrupted them.

Another indication of Golden Dawn's pseudo-nationalist nature is the fact that Golden Dawn is as pro-West as New Democracy, PASOK, or Synaspismos. The only difference is that they view the West in a slightly different way. The basic idolization of the barbaric "Western Civilization" is just as strong in them.

3:11 PM  

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