Thursday, January 04, 2007

Greece's Government Working Hard For Moo-Slums And Their Smelly Den Of "Worship"

Southeast European Times provides this picture(above center) of the 200,000 Moo-slum butthole sniffers living in Athens

Good job, Greek establishment,now go get some just desert from these Moo-slum butt-sniffing "worshippers", have your daughters get raped by these very Muslims in Central Athens

All of these ministers and parliamentarians are a privileged class , educated in the West, wealthy, living in gated communities, and hell-bent on making central Athens and its deserted back streets feel and smell like any other Moo-slum infested EU capital, the Greek ministers are working harder to build that Mosque in Athens than even the Muslims themselves.

Southeast European Times
Athens mosque project may overcome hurdles

the project has been delayed by "the absence of a single voice from the Muslim community, and by the community's failure to place an official request before the ministry," according to New Democracy spokesman George Vassileiou.

Politically, the plan has encountered little resistance, and the principle of religious freedom has proved a consensus-builder in parliament. Vassileiou told MPs voting on Yannakou's bill that they faced "a historic moment of parliamentary responsibility", and that rejection of the bill would constitute "cultural regression and a victory for xenophobia".


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let us pray that something goes awry and these F.... govt. ministers, robbers, parasites, educated or indoctrinated in the mind shaping institutions in the West, get stymied in their treacherous endeavors to bless Athens with a mosque. We had a beautiful Greece and now they are dumping us and the country into the level of a thirld world cesspool.

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