Tuesday, January 09, 2007

New Israeli Ambassador To Greece ,Ali Yahya, "The Fox"

(Michael Kountouris from Greece,he won the Grand prize of Tehran Biennial-2005 one of the best cartoonists in the world, irancartoon.com)

A good friend and Hellenic Nationalist comrade gave me a number of Hellenic Nationalist newspapers acquired from his recent visit to the Fatherland. The article on new Israeli Ambassador to Greece, Ali Yahya, published in the Novermber 15, 2006 edition of "Ethnotypos" piqued my Nationalist senses. The paper reprinted a well circulated article from Athens News Agency-Macedonian Press agency wire services titled "New Israeli Ambassador To Greece presents Credentials", the Nationalist paper adds that Ali Yahya is regarded as "The Fox" in diplomatic circles, his various appointments include diplomatic posts to Finland, site of the pivotal Arab-Israeli "peace talks" and his close official relationships and appointments by war hawks such as Netanyahu and Sharon. The Nationalist paper notes, what can the Jewish-Zionists, and moreover, the Jewish-Zionists in the associate American embassy be brewing for Greece? The "special relationship" which the U.S. State Department has repeatedly cited between Greece and the Arab/Islamic world has been a constant needling point for Greece by Jewish-Zionists. The current ND regime has been asked to intervene in various Arab-Israeli scenarios. This may not bode well for the Fatherland due to the fact that Greece recognized the Palestinians long before any other current EU country ever did , ever since the burgeoning of the relationship with Palestine and Syria under Aprilist Revolutionary Leader Georgios Papadopoulos, to the point of mutual defense pacts, and this, of course,has not been overlooked by the Jews. In a 2003 interview with "Stohos" newspaper,last surviving Aprilist Revolutionary leader Pattakos, admitted that the Jews came to the Junta and offered to put the world spotlight,through the power of world Jewry, on Cyprus and to "win" Cyprus for Greece if they took the Israeli side diplomatically rather than the Palestinian side, the Junta refused, and then 1974's Attila invasion happened.

The ND under Mitsotakis first brought the official Israeli Embassy to Greece in the early 1990s. Now the second ND-regime is host to the Embassy of the Jewish state , and its Arab-Muslim diplomat. During Ottoman times, whenever the Turks planned a massacre of Christians ,they always had a Christian subject posted in charge....


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