Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Archmandrite Greek Orthodox Church of Jerusalem Theodosios Attallah Hanna Praises "NATIONALISTIC Freedom Fighters"

This interview proves once again that GREEK Orthodox Christians, yes GREEK Orthodox Christians were chosen by GOD for a GOOD reason to defend Christianity and the most Holy Sepulchre in the Holy Land from Jewish-Zionists and Anglo-American War Criminals...

The number of people who belong to the Greek Orthodox Church in Syria exceeds a million and the number in Lebanon exceeds half a million. Israel has no right of preventing us from visiting Syria and Lebanon under the claim that these are enemy countries especially that we maintain spiritual and nationalistic ties with these countries. When we visit these countries we meet with all political and religious officials with no exceptions whatsoever. We are open to everyone. Israel has no right of claiming that we maintain relations with terrorist organizations because what Israel calls terrorist maybe to us nationalistic, freedom fighters. We refuse to accept the terms that Israel dictates; therefore, what Israel condemns or what it elevates may not be necessarily as such to us


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