Sunday, January 21, 2007

Homer Of Persia To Be Translated Into Greek

The normal society where this hails from honors poetry, yet bans porn, denigration of God and religion and displays of alcoholism. How would a perverse ,demonic Westerner ever bear such a normal place? These intercultural exchanges with civilized Iran are encouraging , maybe one day Greece will revert to form and turn its back on the barbaric West? Pray for Greece...

January 21, 2007 ,
Tehran Times Culture Desk
TEHRAN -- Greek scholar Marina Theocharidou believes that Irans Abolqasem Ferdowsi is a poet for all times. At the Ferdowsi and Homer Conference that opened at Athens National Research Foundation on January 19, Theocharidou said, Ferdowsi is a poet of all eras, who expressed the idea that good and evil guarantee or endanger mans happiness.

The two-day event was organized by the Iranian Embassy in Athens in collaboration with the Council for the Promotion of Persian Language and Literature.

Ferdowsi (940?-c.1020?) has been called the Homer of Persia. He was born near Tus in the Khorasan region and married at the age of 28. About eight years later he began the work for the Shahnameh (Book of Kings). It took Ferdowsi 35 years to complete the great epic poem.


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