Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Anna Politkovskaya: Too Stupid To Live

I wish I could say she was a Jew who was undermining Russia and supporting Jewish agitation from the West to eventually try to destroy Russia through support of Muslim fundamentalist chauvinist terrorism in Chechnya or support of the Georgians, but this isn't the case. Anna Politkovskaya, a Russian,wrote her articles for the Jewish-Zionist New York Times and a handful of other fanatically pro-Zionist and anti-Russian newspapers and most likely the West and its rulers ,the Jews, decided that her time as a useful idiot was up, so the Mossad assassins were called up like they have been for so many others on a larger scale. Most Russians didn't even know who she was inside Russia, her polemical articles pleased the editorial board of the New York Times, and since, they needed to drum up some more useful anti-Russian propaganda, like they did in the 1990s with their concocted anti-Serb propaganda , they iced her...

The Russian press agency RIA Novosti summed up her fate:

At the same time, some publications surmise that her murder is a thoroughly planned Western provocation, designed to portray Russia in a bad light - as a country, which is violating democratic standards and human rights. "Politkovskaya's slaying obviously benefits the West, which has been trying to harass Russia during the past month... The accusations rest on the following logic - pressure on Georgia, pressure on Georgians, and pressure on democratic journalists. This allows them to blame the Putin regime of going 'Nazist', or committing other sins against democracy. It is not clear whether the West has directly contracted the murder, but it stands to gain more from it than anyone else." (Vesti-segodnya, October 9).

The Georgian Foreign Ministry wrote a fawning press release upon her death, as if anyone other than Jews and their useful idiots care....

The Georgians could learn a good lesson from Anna Politkovskaya, she threw her lot in with the West, like Judas for those thirty pieces of silver...

Too stupid to live.


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