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Message From A Hellenic Nationalist Comrade : "Anarchists desecrate icons in Theological School of Thessaloniki"

Anarchists desecrated icons in the Theological School of Thessaloniki.If you follow the link to the press release below, you can see a picture of one of the desecrated icons of Christ. (Christ's face has been scratched out, blasphemous text has been written on the bottom half of the icon, and an Anarchist symbol is found on the top right of the icon.) This is not the first time Anarchists have been involved in anti-Orthodox attacks. Some recent attacks include the bombing of a car belonging to the Church of Greece (link to ekathimerini), viciously stabbing and beating theological students from the Theological School of Thessaloniki (link:, and the firebombing of a church in Thessaloniki (link:

If you want to avoid seeing the picture of the desecrated icon but still want to read the pressrelease, you can access it at

--A Hellenic Nationalist Comrade


Anonymous Anonymous said...

These "anarchists" are a cancer on contemporary greek life. A cancerous tumor that need to be extirpated root and all. The government will do nothing, neither party in the political spectrum dare make a move against these pariahs. As a matter of fact the government is an accomplice of these groups disruptive activities.
And the church ? They also remain silent. A few noises here and there but never a strident call to ferret out and stamp out these antinatinal growth.

3:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


disgraceful.. one day the kolo anarchisti tha plirosoun.

the thing is most of anarchists that riot and shit are NOT even really true anarchists anyway...
Most anarchists just use anarchism as an excuse to riot, break things, and belt a cop to look like hardcunts and to fill their time... so going as far as attacking the church and icons of Christ seem abit odd...

My mate when he went to Greece went to check out an anarchist riot and said about 1/4 of anarchist rioters he saw were actually Alvanoi...
My other mate who lives in Greece also thinks around about 1/4 of anarchist troublemakers in Greece are actually Alvanoi.
so I wouldn't be suprised if it was Alvanoi Muslim Anarchists that did this to the Greek church as well as the other attacks on the churches rather than Greek Anarchists...
Afterall as i said most Anarchists in Greece aren't even real anarchists, they just use it as an excuse to cause touble to look like hardcunts and fill up there time.

8:29 PM  
Anonymous santis said...

I tend to agree that the majority of these scoundrels are alvanoi and muslims. There is no justification for their behaviour, they are modern day vandals,anti greek, anti national, anti orthodox , professional rioters; they are having a field day, thriving in the political and social cesspool that is Greece today, because they know well that the authorities will not act against them, and neither an opposing group will arise to challenge their existence.

8:39 PM  
Blogger Hellenian said...

Dismissing these traitors as simply being (fully or in part) foreigners will ensure that the problem goes unresolved. These individuals are traitors, not Albanians and, if they are to be countered, this is a fact that needs to be accepted. Unfortunately, Greeks have a very hard time accepting the fact that the greatest enemy of Hellas is not an Albanian or a Turk or even a Jew but a Greek traitor. This is the real enemy and as long as we pretend that they don't exist, the more damage they will be do.

Whether or not Albanians take advantage of riots or demonstrations is irrelevant. It is well known that Leftist political parties and organizations defend illegal immigrants. Therefore, it makes sense to see Albanians at Leftist-organized demonstrations. As for riots, considering that Albanians are illegal immigrants and therefore already a part of the criminal world, doesn't it make sense that they would show up during the chaos of a riot in order to use it as a cover for robbing and pillaging Greek businesses? Could there be a better opportunity for committing crimes than that?

As for anarchist attacks on churches or symbols of Christianity, this is not the least bit unusual or odd for this group when one takes into account their ideology which is just as hostile to religion as it is to the state. Likewise, their hatred of Greece should not be taken as "proof" that they are foreigners: targeting their own nation for destruction is central to their ideological beliefs.

6:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good points Hellenion, as usual.

The matter in hand can not be resolved without indentifying the culprits. The leftist organizations, the fossilized communists, the iconoclastic anarchists, they are a breed that need to be exorcised from the Greek political body, and social life.
These anachronistic vandals aid and abet illegal and legal immigration into Greece of unassimilable elements and aliens. The immigrants bring crime and social division and chaos in their wake. They are the storm troops of the leftists organizations.The cannon fodder. The Government elite and ruling class is permeated with the leftist, globalist, universalist, humanitarian, and egalitarian virus. The Government is the main actor in the drama. The point Santis is making is valid.
There is no tomorrow for us, the nationalists, if all what we do is clank away at the keyboard of our laptops and lucubrate enunciations and resolutions sitting behind a desk. The fight must be taken to these poisonous vipers, they must be opposed in a militant fashion. They are home grown terrorists, and the way to combat terror is with counter terror. Pusillanimous words and pompous sentences uttered in the chambers of parliament ,by the thespians and cowardly sons of illegal mothers and sell outs will solve nothing. It will simply perpetuate the miasma that embroils Greece. The place for those parliament charlatans is in the gallows. Action, attack the anarchists, drive the crypto communists and treacherous snakes into their burial chambers. The time for peace and reconciliation with these breed of bacteria laden scumbags is over, the hour of the sword is here.

Greece is in a parlous state. We have been occupied by the EU, they turned us into a borough or county of the syphilitic and sexually debauched EU. If that was not enough, our leaders have also opened the doors and are pumping us with waves and waves of the wretched of Africa and Asia.

The anarchists, the sell outs, the traitorous, the bazaar merchants, the businessmen, the turncoats are riding the crest of the wave. Greece is theirs to stamp and soil under their filthy and sodden feet.

12:49 PM  

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