Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A Soothing Winter Drink

When I lived in Athens I loved the Salep ( a syrupy super hot drink), which is sold out of big containers by street vendors in old downtown Athens , hawking it with loud cries of SAAAA LEP! Perfect winter drink, despite my girl Julie's warnings that it might be "dirty", I drank plenty, and it made me feel warm and strong and rejuvenated. F**K Starbucks! Thats money that goes to evil America and diabolical "Isra-el", seeking to globalize us into becoming deaf and dumb and mute amerikanakia.

Salep is a call for us to return East and go back East, back to our roots, back to what was for the deviant-West, a "dark age" , but for us was a much missed festival of lights. SAAAAAAAAAAA



Anonymous Ardent said...

Hellenic Nationalist, I am so surprised that you would drink Salep, which is a Turkish drink made from Wild Orchid Tubers collected from Turkish mountains.

Perhaps you are going back to your roots, perhaps your father was a Turk.


10:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cheers? hey Mr. Doofus Englishman haven't we met somwhere before, about 10 years ago, around the start of the internet? You were pro-Turkish, and maybe married a barbarian Turkish woman? Anyway... why can't the Greeks return East? It is after all where they belong since Anatolia is Greek and the Turks have been just sitting on stolen land, the Rivers, and mountains and Wild orchid Tubers are just stolen Greek possessions!

Go back to doing your Countrymen in the ass you english poof

7:14 PM  
Anonymous Ardent said...


This is the first time that I have ever left a comment on this blog site.

I am not an Englishman, but an Australian Lady that finds your extreme nationalism offensive.

Your history account is also perverted.

7:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Look Fartdent...

I could careless about your version or reading of History. I do not believe you are female and that you have been around the Internet causing troubles for Greeks for the past Decade and 4 years.

What do English poofs like "You" know about History? And what are people like You doing on Australia? It's a land that your gay countrymen stole, and have been persecuting the Aborigines. thats all You English know how to do anyway, sail around and impose your so-called Western values on the rest of the world. Go back to that damn rock on the North seas. We don't need you anywhere in the world.

3:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Fartdent, i'm getting sick of your hate letters. you want every one to mix there blood? That's very hateful. Whats wrong with the beauty of Purebloodedness? I'm Pureblood and I'm proud of it. it's something you Mutts and heinz57s and Mixed up muds don't understand. And yes, Salep is Greek. Stick your hate and your wish of having the world transformed into a Mud, miscegenated hellhole up your "gay" AustroEnglish ass!

8:35 PM  

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