Sunday, February 04, 2007

US State Department On "Macedonia" Issue

The demeaning and condescending remarks by US State Department spokesman,Sean McCormack,recorded on this Skopjian site, are indicative of how lowly the US State Department thinks of us. I remember that when another US State Department official made a disparaging remark about an Armenian issue, the US State Department started to get bombarded by calls from grassroots Armenians in America, the Greeks don't do nothing but sit and take it, or don't care... Greeks should be calling the US State Department asking if this is true and asking for an explanation in writing on the US State Department's stance on "Macedonia" The Armenian lobby actually had thousands of Armenians calling the US State Department direct, this is real activism and lobbying. Greeks should be doing the same about the US State Department's recognition of the "Macedonian" name for Skopjians.


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