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American Anti-Greeks Speak At "Herzliya Conferences?"

NOTE: Nicholas Burns was the longtime US Ambassador to Greece, and was known for being fanatically pro-Turkish...And Woolsey as CIA chief also has a long history of anti-Greek activities.

The following comes from the informative
You've heard of the Biderberger Conferences, The Trilateral Commission, and the CFR, but have you ever heard of the Herzliya Conferences?

Pat Buchanan wrote about this outrageous event yesterday:

Here's some more documentation of America's disgraceful collaboration with Israel

The 7th Herzliya Conference > Discussion Summaries

Combating the De-legitimization of the Jewish State and Winning the Battle of Public Opinion

Question Izzy Liebler:

I want to restrict myself to the issue of de-legitimization. For the first time in 60 years we hear accusations toward Jews and Israel. Much of the world, especially Europe, sees Israel as the prime source of evil.

This de-legitimization is the estate of many Christians, Muslims as well as many Jews. They are blaming us for all the evil in the world.

The difference is that we are no longer powerless. We posses talented people to reverse the trend, we have the money and also the military.

The media has demonized us. First and foremost, the new Al-Jazeera satellite channel in English. We should establish satellite TV in face of Al-Jazeera.

The 7th Herzliya Conference > Lecture Summaries

Amb. Nicholas Burns, US Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs

[Promises Boycotts and Provocations to Facilitate Conflict]

On Iran I just have a few remarks. In Iran we face an important challenge. It may be the most important challenge that we face today. Iran is a country with a radical government, a radical agenda and wishes to be the most important country in the Middle East. They are governed by a President that has denied holocaust, and has aided in many conflicts in the region.

Iran played a negative role in these conflicts, by funding and directing Hezbollah attacks, providing technology that is killing Americans and British in Iraq, and the continued attempt by Iran to bring down Lebanese government

Iran through its policies has caused a severe reaction through the United States, which has since caused an increase in the US's adoption of seeking out intelligence and paramilitary information regarding the State.

What does this all mean? The USA has the right to defend its interests in this region. The USA since WWII has considered itself the garanteer of stability.

For 18 and half years Iran has withheld information from IAEA. For the past year Europe, Russia, and the US have been trying to negotiate a middle ground with Iraq. The bottom line is that Iran can not be allowed to become a nuclear state.

There are two paths that the Western world can take as far as Iran is concerned- one path is negotiation. The second path is the passage of a Security Council Resolution. The Resolution has not accomplished anything. Iran is one of 11 countries subject to chapter 7 sanctions. If by February 21, Iran does not stop its nuclear activity than it will become an international pariah.

My country doesn't believe that we should stop there. We want to put greater pressure on Iran. We are encouraging our friends not to sell arms to Iran. Russia and China have sold missiles to Iran, but we are hoping that they will stop in the future.

We are encouraging the EU to end export credits with Iran. We suggest to Europeans that the 14 billion euros earmarked to stimulate trade should be stopped. International financial institutions are rethinking business in Iran.

There are lots of things that the world can do to make Iran realize that there is a cost for their behavior. The United States does not seek confrontation with Iran; however the US has left all of the options on the table. First and foremost we are seeking a diplomatic solution. The offer to negotiate still stands.

We are hoping that Iran will take that offer. Secretary Condoleza Rice has committed to personally lead these negotiations. Iran must make the choice that it is going to work with us and not against us. Again, the USA does not seek confrontations with Iran. Iran should expect that we and other countries will defend our interests of peace and stability in the Middle East. Iran is the country that is being isolated for this reason. Iran needs to learn to respect the power and will of the international community.

Iran is no longer on the offensive, but is rather on the defensive. We are hoping that the Iranian people are against their current leaders, who do not have their best interests in mind.

Some final words about Israel. We are committed to our alliance with Israel. We continue to be Israel's strongest security partner. Our meeting today was a very useful exchange. The USA and Israel have similar strategic interests.

Twenty years ago I worked in the American Consulate in Jerusalem. I can't remember a time that the relationship between our two countries was as strong as it is today.

Woolsey takes the bagel for the most militantly pro-Israel interventionist presentation.

What a well-trained goy-boy!

January 22, 2007

James Woolsey: Israel should have made a move against Syria during the last confrontation

Former CIA director James Woolsey addressed the Herzliya Conference today and discussed the Iranian, Syrian and Islamist threats to Israel and to the west.

Woolsey stated that: "the problems are distinct in Iraq, Syria, Iran and Lebanon but the common denominator is the Islamist totalitarianism".

Regarding the Iranian nuclear program Woolsey commented:

"Iran is not remotely interested in nuclear power for electricity. The destruction of Israel is not the policy of Iran, but its essence.Achieving weapons of mass destruction is part of this essence". He added that much in the same way, Hitler's policy and essence was that of anti-Semitism.

Woolsey said that a U.S. or Israeli attack on Iran is a bad scenario but the worst would be to allow a nuclear Iran. He also said that Israel should have made a move against Syria during the last war and that the U.S. should have supported such a move.

In the same panel at the conference former I.D.F. Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. (Res.) Moshe Ya'alon remarked that: "we must think outside the box of the two state settlement and we must stop promoting solutions in this framework". He added that democratization does not begin and end with elections but with education that leads to elections.

This panel also included Princeton Prof. Bernard Lewis, (a well known Turkish Holocaust Denier) who said that the region will not achieve equilibrium if Iran becomes a nuclear power: "mutual assured destruction is not a deterrent but an inducement".

The panel was part of the second day of the Herzliya Conference on the Balance of Israel's National Security, which is organized by the Institute for Policy and Strategy at IDC, Herzliya.


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