Monday, February 05, 2007

Le Pen Becomes A Zionist Multiculturalist

The London Daily Telegraph now reports that the "nationalist" French party led by Le Pen has become a sellout Zionist party that supports multiculturalism, the pro-Zionist British paper quotes Le Pen as saying ""In my political office there are Jews, Arabs and blacks, so what do I have to do not to be branded a racist?"

Le Pen also reportedly sent his high profile daughter, an MP, to Zionist-occupied lands in the Middle East , in order to publicly befriend the Jews. Very recently Le Pen also forged ties to Britain's BNP, another Zionist organization designed to confuse Nationalists, the counterparts we have in Greece are the parties and groups under the leadership of Greek "Gay Nationalist" Georgios Karatzaferis.

The Final Conflict blog wrote an excellent blog entry on the Nationalist's Duty to reject the BNP, and the points made are similar to the points against our own false "nationalists" led by Karatzaferis.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is normally called "Real Politick", in conventional political parlance. Those so called parties of the right have had their day, and are now entering the winter of their life span. There is little they can do. They have been marginalized by the people at large. In secret the masses, the natives, hearts may have a great sympathy and empathy with their views, but publicly they hide under a duve of duplicitous outpourings if indignant reaction against anything which is outside " main stream idelology".

What they are doing now, these derelict and shrivelling rightists parties, is to take cover and insurance as much as they can afford. They know pretty well that to compete in the political hustings they are stymied by the system. How do you engage in a democratic electoral contest when the regulations for competition are rigged and based on dual party totalitarianism ?. None of these survivalists want to run the gauntlet and fate bestowed to Haider. If they wish to compete and survive in the democratic jungle, then they can only do so if they are part of the "system". Who controls and manages the system ? Are we going to repeat it ? It is superfluous even to mention it by name. Therefore they have no other option than co-aligned their forces with those of the archenemy. The organs of power, diffusion , media and communication are entirely, entirely, in the hands of the "bosses". Therefore the bosses can only delegate surveillance rights to approved parties and candidates who pay lip service to the system. It is a marriage of convenience. Judaic power has and is the main vehicle for the deracination and destruction of the biological integrity of the European nations. Maybe these "Judaic powers " are wary of the precipitous and accelerated destruction, and they may desire a slow down in the pace and tempo. They can use the so called parties of the right.
The only way one can defeat the system is by a radical overthrow. Any such steps can not be undertaken in a democratic system.
In Greece there are no real nationalist movements to talk about. Karatzaferis is an astute opportunist, and seeks self glorification and aggrandisement. The media has protrayed him as an extremist, but that is the media. Also the situation in Greece is not as dark and grave like in the cavernous quicksands of France and other European nations. Some of those countries have gone down the slippery road to such an extent that they are for all intents and putposes "unredeeemable". Their native populations have become hopelessly mixed to such a degree as to make nationalist parties, genuine nationalism based on ethnicity, unfit to flourish and thrive. Greece finds itself where the U.K. and France found themselves in the mid 50's in regard to the racial pollution taking place in their countries.
Everything appears to be tightly embedded and twined. The time for a radical overthrow is not come. The masses are not going to light the spark, the elites will have to ignite the masses and provide the inspiration for a spiritual revival. Politicians in the husting are like whores , they have to survive, they have to live and eat and sleep. The state is their employer, the state is in the hands of Internationalists, therefore they can be guaranteed of a living wage by serving the boss or master. The key question is how do you create or form a new elite ? Schools, universities, academia are nests of communists and internationalists vipers. Their assembly lines churn out carbon copies of treacherous clones in their thousands to line up the segments of the system.

As far as Le Pen's parties, the BNP and all the rest, they are turncoats and pragmatic traitors. Someone like Le Pen, having been in the wilderness and on the sidelines all his life,and achieved zero for all his efforts, has decided that by becoming part and parcel of the system he may , or might salvage something, in the autumn of his life, in return for a fruitless lifetime of political struggle.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

There goes Lepeniotis...He became a multiculti sellout!

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