Saturday, February 17, 2007

Finding Your Soul Mate And "The Jewish Question"

I had another failed date this evening, I posed the question I pose to all my dates these days, what do they feel in regards to "the Jewish Question" This one said "she likes Jews" and believes that "six million" were gassed by Hitler. Ho-HUM. Chances are if a woman says that she will end up being a feminist and hating men, after some more prodding that evening, I also found out that she was an atheist , no surprise. This is some wise advice for comrades , ask the woman's opinions on the "Jewish Question". If she likes Jews, chances are she will hate your for being you, for being a man, a NATIONALIST MAN.

I had a nice conversation with the Pakistani cab driver on my solitary ride home, we both agreed that Schindler's List was propaganda, at least I found someone to agree with tonight.


Blogger Nikola said...

Just stick at it, somewhere out there is your soul-mate and you will find her if God wills it. Patience is a virtue. You may also need to be willing to maybe teach her a thing or two, you cant expect the finished product. But only you can judge which have potential, and which dont!

12:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stick to your own kind, look, search and find stock from you own homeyard. Better a failed coupling with your own kind than an artificially "successful" one with a stranger.

8:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


H.N. brother, pigenis se blind dates? ;)
Take this advice. Don't take offence to this, i'm not tryina bag your dates, but I know your after a non-slut good girl.
Put it this way. On blind dates you won't find any. If your going on a blind date you already know she's a slut. Think about it: Would a good non-slut girl ever go on a date with a guy she doesn't know?

Having said that, simply in my opinion, in this Western Slut World your better off staying single rather than getting married and regretting it later.

PS. LOL at ''the Jewish Question''. Quality ;)

12:40 AM  

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