Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Archbishop Christodoulos On New Age "Turks Are Our Friends" Version Of Greek Education

Mainstream daily Greek newspaper kathimerini reports on Archbishop Christodoulos's criticism of the Greek ruling class' re-writing of Greek history:

“Is it possible for other people to learn about our country’s history, philosophy and language but for us to discard this for the sake of friendship with any neighboring country?” said Christodoulos during his Sunday sermon.

If I were head of state , or if we managed to have an ideal state in Greece that reflected the centuries old evolution of Helleno-Orthodox civilization we would only need to turn to the documents from our own church history or the synaxaristes which document hundreds of saints tortured to death in the most grisly manner by the Ottoman Turks and their tolerant society. The excellent compilation of translated accounts by the late Father Nomikos Michael Vaporis, touched on in a past blog entry, of our long Greek history of Ottoman Turkish death by impalements, sometimes by immolations, sometimes torn apart by angry mobs, at times having nails driven into skulls, and even documented death by Jews...


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