Friday, February 23, 2007

Brazen Greek Anarchists And The BIG LIE

I stumbled upon a graphic photo gallery of Anarchists in action against Greek police outside of the Polytechnic University in downtown Athens , posted on a leftist website,in recent days. The comments underneath , apparently from Anarchists in other countries express awe at how brazenly violent Greek Anarchists can be in Greece(i.e. the prolific use of firebombs, the many times tear gas is thrown back at police etc) These riots have been ongoing since around the end of November 17th, and are not new to Greece, this is the season in Greece for Anarchist terrorism and firebombing antics in Athens.

The real reason why Greek Anarchists are so brazen is not because of any sort of superior organizational ability or bravery, as is inferred by the Anarchist commentators. Greece's Anarchists are only unique because they are in the only country in the world where the National Universities are off limits to Greek police and/or security forces by order of the National Greek Constitution. This clause in the Greek Constitution , the post-Aprilist, 1975 Constitution , is based on the Myth of Massacres in the Polytechnic University on November 17, 1973--the day when Greek security forces of the Revolutionary Greek Aprilist Government of Georgios Papadopoulos entered the University grounds to break up a takeover by international leftist agitators. Thus, based on this constitutional law,today, masked Anarchists in the Polytechnic University , can leave the safe house of the University, take a few steps out of the gates , throw a firebomb at Police, at Greek passersby, at Greek property, then run back to the safety of the University grounds where the Greek police cannot go by constitutional law regardless of the circumstances.

The most outrageous thing about this criminal constitutional scenario installed by the post-Aprilist or post-Junta government now ruling Greece is that this constitutional law is based on a BIG LIE. A Lie that Nationalist newspaper Stohos labels the BIG LIE of modern Greek history. A police investigation in 1981 concluded that NOT ONE, yes NOT EVEN ONE person died in Polytechnic University on November 17, 1973, for years Stohos offered a generous cash reward for evidence of ONE DEATH on that day, no one has yet come forward with evidence to claim that reward.

Some more questions that could be raised about the 1973 Polytechnic University or Polytechnio MYTH,include , well,if the Aprilists were so "tyrannical" and were set on a "massacre" then why did they allow the international press to hover all over the scene? And since international press was all over the place, how come we do not have any pictures of the alleged killings?


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